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Why does Valkorian think he saved my life?

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Why does Valkorian think he saved my life?

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04.24.2019 , 08:25 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by cool-dude View Post
It's this kind of thing that makes me think the default starts for each class are the canon. Lightside inqusitor is the default, which means you only have one ghost that only stayed there because he wanted to. It could easily be reasoned out that the ghost just decided to leave at some point between SOR and KOTFE
There is no canon.(1) There *cannot* be a canon about things choosable by the player. The defaults are just the defaults for the past of an insta60 or insta65, just as "former slave released to be forced into Sith training" is the default for a start-at-1 Inquisitor. Well, except that the slave thing is something you can't choose (because it is the context of the story), therefore it *is* canon-for-the-class. (Noteworthy, for example: a 70-Inquisitor who skips from the middle of Chapter 2 of the class story to Ossus will be functionally Darth Nox regardless of his alignment toggle setting, which is in direct conflict with the start of KotFE on an insta60.)

(1) This is not a statement on the "Legends" nature of the state of the Star Wars universe in SWTOR.
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