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The Alderaan Noble Estate Part 2?

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The Alderaan Noble Estate Part 2?

Xina_LA's Avatar

03.10.2020 , 12:42 PM | #1
So they came out with this follow-up article:

The Alderaan Noble Estate Part 2: Functionality

There's nothing quite like bragging about broken design elements.

I have to admit, with all the bugs in the Alderaan stronghold and decorations, I read this article and all I could think was, "Oh? So that's who did it!" I hope they're given enough time to actually finish the stronghold.

A few bug fixes, an increased decoration max count, and I'll be happy enough to buy Cartel Coins.
Until then, IMHO... they need to stop showing off.
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TonyTricicolo's Avatar

03.10.2020 , 06:30 PM | #2
Article was even worse than the first! Who trumps their own horn like this? I swear these people are oblivious. DO ANY OF THE TEAM EVEN DECORATE? Skott your decision making process on hook placement makes my brain want to implode. You stink!

They didn't even put it on the general discussion forums LOL. I think they knew I'll rip them a new one!
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EHKodiak's Avatar

03.11.2020 , 09:14 PM | #3
Seems fine to me, and no issue with the Stronghold really - bugs can be worked out but all in all it's a good stronghold.

Honestly the main issue I've got with it is that a couple of questions doesn't constitute anything worth subbing for and Bioware have no real upcoming content now.

Xina_LA's Avatar

03.12.2020 , 07:53 AM | #4
Let's see...

Taxi doesn't appear much of the time. For some players, it never appears.
Elevator door button from Lodge to Estate doesn't always appear.
Starting location terminals do not work.
Achievement fails most of the time unless you use a two-player work around... and that gives it to your visitor, not you.
Several hooks won't release their decorations once placed.
Numerous hooks are crooked in such a way that X/Y adjustments will not bring them into alignment.
Sunlight beams in the sky glitch out regularly, making it look like it's raining strips of yellow project paper.
Several parts of the hallways glitch out and disappear, depending on viewing angle.

That's just the highlight reel of the bug list.

A bunch of people are disappointed that the maximum number of decorations allowed is so low. Some areas have to be sparsely decorated. While not a bug, it's still a legitimate issue.

Some of those issues are with basic functionality. Perhaps it wouldn't worry me so much, but the number of bugs has increased with each SH release, and the number that get fixed after release has gone down.

In addition, the number of stronghold decoration bugs has gone up... not just the total number. The percentage of new item releases that are bugged has skyrocketed. If you count any glitch (duplicate name, invisible parts, lighting issues, etc.) it's at about 20%. This includes reputation reward items and Cartel Market bundle purchases.
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