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The identity of the traitor in the war for Iokath

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The identity of the traitor in the war for Iokath

Celise's Avatar

04.23.2017 , 01:41 AM | #111
Quote: Originally Posted by Nefla View Post
I mean a traitor to the Empire :3
again whatever plans were in the works, they fell apart and you didn't have a chance to even try to become a traitor to your own kind anyway.

same for those in the republic to ds smugglers who got the voidwolf's fleet, only small time problems for the main powers to deal with and the smuggler couldn't actually do anything to topple either empire because of zakuul and then you got turned into a block of metal for your troubles, any deals fell apart and everyone knew you were either dead or held against your will.

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04.23.2017 , 05:03 AM | #112
It's Thexan!! :0

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04.23.2017 , 07:08 AM | #113
I'm still convinced the Scions are up to their old tricks and games again, forcing these visions of theirs to happen because they hate not knowing specifically the end of the events.
And that "someone close to you" comment was all hype lies. Scions are an easy choice, as every single player character met them the same way and had exact same stuff with them. *shakes fist at Heskal* . So if I had a traitor theory.. it's the new spokeswoman of the Scions.

edit: and no, I don't like this idea but it's the only conclusion I came to that made sense for any faction siding, and they wouldn't need to come up with any clear reason for it. Definitely not a betrayal for me, I'm expecting it ... they've done this stuff before. don't care about them, but almost convinced this is the route the writers will go.

Elessara's Avatar

04.23.2017 , 07:14 AM | #114
I had this idea ... and it's kind of growing on me ...

So they've been getting rid of the old heroes/leaders of the Republic & Empire ... Malgus died awhile ago (and hopefully stays dead), the Emperor is gone, Saresh is gone, Jace Malcom is gone, Acina is gone (even though she was kind of new-ish), Marr is gone (he's a ghost but he said that denying the void is taxing, maybe he just decided to go to rest after Valkorion died) ... (edit to add: I say certain people are gone even if they're alive in some playthroughs because they might be dead and are unlikely to play much of a role going forward - I also wouldn't be surprised if they ended up dead by the end of the Iokath storyline).

So, what if the betrayer IS someone close to you but it wasn't a direct betrayal - like, someone close to you trusted the wrong person ....

The only "old" person left is Satele Shan. Maybe she was hoping after Valkorion was defeated that the galaxy would be at peace but even after he was gone the Republic and Empire went right back to gearing up for war even before Iokath. Maybe after losing all of those Jedi and being defeated by the Eternal Empire something in her just kind of broke.

So, Theron trusts his mother because why not, it's Satele, former Grandmaster of the Jedi Order and probably the most trustworthy person in the galaxy, right? And Theron is in denial that it could be her, hence why he's acting weird?

I've always liked Satele but she did seem a little TOO perfect. I know, she had a fling and had a kid but she gave the child up as a good Jedi should and then she pretty much became the epitome of Jedi-ness. And she's had plot armor the entire game - I mean, as far as I'm aware she's unkillable throughout all of SWTOR.

Please, feel free to pick apart this idea. I might only like it because I *don't* want it to be Theron or Lana.

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04.23.2017 , 08:42 AM | #115
Quote: Originally Posted by Shepardess View Post
If they end up making it Theron or Lana that is going to be some seriously bad writing. It just makes zero sense for it to be either. Tyth says something about the traitor being full of anger and pain. That's not the case with either Lana or Theron. I know one is a spy and the other led sith intelligence, but what could the motives possibly be for them?
I don't think it's Lana or Theron. They've both given up so much to help us out, save us, help form the Alliance, it'd make zero sense. And it can't be any companions who can die/be killed, or those companions you can turn away during Alliance Alerts. So either it's the ones in charge of each area like Hylo, Dr. Oggorub or one of the others, or it's someone else, like Satele. I've no idea who else it could be. I mean, it COULD be Theron/Lana depending on which side you choose, but still, as I said, they have both given up and done so much to help you, I just don't see them beginning a war.
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04.23.2017 , 09:10 AM | #116
Maybe it's Risha

(would only make sense for Smuggler ofc)

narcsissism's Avatar

04.23.2017 , 10:04 AM | #117
Acenia has been here for ages since she gave you the seeds quest and I have said 2 I thought might have been before but likely they where wrong 1 ihave considered after a resent play through is the shroud could be or then again that could be a reach as I did not kill him but not sure if there was an option 2 in the hk bounous chapter still I cant see it being theron or lana it just would be to obvious owing to the people you can accuse for it I doubt any of those would actually be the wright chooice

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04.23.2017 , 10:35 AM | #118
Hope it's Lana, so i can finally kill her

Or maybe it's time to bring Revan back...

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04.23.2017 , 11:24 AM | #119
Quote: Originally Posted by Qel-Mike View Post
Hope it's Lana, so i can finally kill her

Or maybe it's time to bring Revan back...
I hope it's your character so I can kill your character for suggesting they bring Revan back ...

I know, you're joking about Revan (I hope) ... so am I.

Celise's Avatar

04.23.2017 , 11:41 AM | #120
just occurred to me, hk-55 could be that traitor. who knows how long HK-55 was held in a powered down mode, the idea has some logic to it because HK-55 is a droid and can be reprogrammed and have a hidden programme that activates every so often to evesdrop on anything important, being a droid as well, it makes it easier to record everything HK-55 sees.

what if the shroud was working for the scions and they were working for valkorion, it would make a lot more sense why the shroud manipulated Marr and the outlander to Zakuul, ultimately it gets valkorion and the shroud what they want, the ability to manipulate and control this threat for their own purposes. the shroud mentioned that it hated the outlander and it may have had a longer term plan in place and using HK-55 at the right time through Tyth or the scions at the very least goes some way of confirming that there is still a plan in place to contain the outlander/commander.