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Unable to romance Lana

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08.01.2020 , 10:52 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Bxvx View Post
Ya it would be cool if they did something where you just redo the story line, and maybe the only things that actually change are the romances. Cause I see this alot sometimes its confusing the first time you do it and then you end up screwed. Or maybe just have a story line that's strictly the romances. I'm actually surprised they haven't done anything about it cause I see people with this problem alot more than you think you aren't alone in it. Sometimes you hit the wrong key and don't know it and bam your done.

Maybe they will add another romance line in the future, or like give you a quest that's like a 2nd chance. It shouldn't be that hard.
I can sympathize with this. One of my characters broke it off with Theron when the Companion Spouse returned, but there was never an option to get back together when widowed. It's story disappointing, but realistically I don't think it's bad of the game. It furthers the emphasis that your choices matter. Obviously there are set scripts as necessary for a computer game, but you get choices for paths to take and the consequences there of. You can have head cannon roleplaying, but the game gives you some roleplaying itself.

I like in the Cantina Scene even if you flirt with Koth beforehand, you can disappoint him enough in your choices that he takes himself out as a romance option.