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# of servers, does it really even matter?

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# of servers, does it really even matter?

TheEvilEngineer's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 09:10 PM | #1
After playing beta and seeing how Bioware handled the mechanics of cities and instances breaking down into multiple copies of a zone on the same server. It begs the question... aside from pvp, rp, and language localization, why even bother with multiple servers in a time zone for the same function?

Bioware is citing being cautious about adding servers, since in the long run they are worried about having to consolidate them back down.

If they all started clustered like...
East coast - pvp
East coast - pve
East coast - rp pvp
East coast - rp pve

Sure we'd have like instance 30+ of a zone, but seeing as how its going to be hard enough getting in the same instance automatically as a friend anyway, what is the harm in adding more? Long run it would prevent consolidation issues, and short term, it would allow for flexible adding of hardware to compensate for load without having to add new named servers and move people around.

I'm aware it's too late for them to implement this, but it begs the question... why didn't they?