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Need help understanding something

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Need help understanding something

Larsenex's Avatar

01.28.2020 , 06:39 AM | #1
My Armstech is level 56. I never intend to level her to 75. She got the class story done and is maxed on Armstrech (700) and Investigation and slicing.

Now I want to learn the Augment green 77. I think thats the one. However from what I am reading the only way to learn that schem is to run the flash point Anathema as it is a bind on equip drop and that is the sole and only place to get this?

Is this correct?

This is absolute bull droppings! I simply want to craft stuff on this character but being forced to level up just to run a new flash point is idiocy.

Why? Why? Why?

Is crap like this on why I left the game 3.5 years ago.
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01.28.2020 , 11:11 AM | #2
The schematics that drop inside the Nathema flashpoint are not bind on pickup, they can be traded between players and sold via GTN, so no need to get riled up about that.
Though without being able to look it up in the game right now, I'm not sure if those schematics are even for the augment you are looking for, since you write about green quality, the Nathema ones are of golden quality and were BIS before 6.0 dropped.
The new 6.0 augment schematics you get from the normal crafting trainer once you reached a certain skill level, I think it was 690.
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01.28.2020 , 06:43 PM | #3
^ what they said, Nathema is old Augment 48's, and running the FP for them wasn't very effective... much better to get from GTN.

The current Augments are Augment 73(blue from the vendor) and 74(purple from reverse engineering), and there are to my knowledge, no green augments anywhere in the game.
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