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Has anyone else noticed Scyva's red polygon center?

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Has anyone else noticed Scyva's red polygon center?

MagicTerror's Avatar

05.23.2020 , 11:12 AM | #1
It's been happening for some time now, but I'm curious if anyone knows why in Gods, Scyva now has a glowing red graphic under her feet in the center pad; I still remember a time when that area was more clear. It's not that troublesome in Story Mode, but I'm worried about progging it in harder modes because it makes the fight needlessly harder for melee dps; they need to time when the purple area in center is out of their way so they can dps and it's nearly impossible to see under that red aura.

Making sure to both avoid purple and stay away from red orbs/scyva's front is bad enough, I didn't need this on my Operative.