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New Decorations From Existing Assets

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New Decorations From Existing Assets

Xina_LA's Avatar

02.14.2020 , 03:37 PM | #1
I would love to see new decorations based on existing ones.
I've seen in-game where rugs and other assets come in a variety of sizes and colors.

For example:
Desert Peddler's Rug, Simple Merchant's Rug, Voss Rug (Red), and Senator's Rug in various colors.
Luxurious Rug (Gold), Ornate Merchant's Rug, and Voss Rug in larger sizes.
Voss-Ka Healing Crystal, Basic Ceiling Light, and Huttese Wall Sconce with different glow colors.
Arrangement: Yavin Crates, Rep/Imp Crates, and Zakuulan Canister in different sizes.

It would be great to have more color and size choices. Since these assets already exist, maybe it wouldn't be too hard to put together a Bundle of variant rugs, lights, plants, and so forth. They would also make nice additions to a vendor.

Here are some other ideas based on existing assets:

Waterfall from a vent, like in the Manaan mission, especially if it's a Small wall hook item.
Trophies and taxidermy from Dantooine.
Wall tiles from Voss, especially the ones with runes (like the Rakata Mantlepiece).
A wall vent that doesn't spray steam/air/smoke.
Hexagon and battery-shaped nodes from Iokath.
Pipes, wires, other interesting Small wall gizmos.

Starship: Imperial Bomber, Imperial Gunship, Imperial Scout, Imperial Striker, Republic Bomber, Republic Gunship, Republic Scout, and Republic Striker without display bases and larger (real ship size).

All the companions as Personnel that don't turn into holograms.
All the Alliance contacts and other NPCs as Personnel.
More alien species as Personnel, such as Killiks, Joiners, wookies, chiss, miralukas, mirialans, and cathar.
More humans with darker skin tones.
Commemorative statues of the companions that don't yet have one.

That's my two-cents worth, thanks for reading!
--=# Decorating addict of Satele Shan server. #=--

DarkTergon's Avatar

02.14.2020 , 04:03 PM | #2
+1, some really great ideas there
No Idea if people use these, but if so, here's my referral link