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AMPLIFIERS.......we need a better system

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AMPLIFIERS.......we need a better system

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12.05.2019 , 12:36 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Brittaany_Banks View Post
Most of the time I would agree with you but there are a couple things wrong with this blanket thinking that all credit sinks are good.

1) This credit sink is a random chance to get the stats you want which means it might cost you 1 million, 10 million, or 100 million credits to get what you want. This is the first part of it being broken. It either advantages or disadvantages players through a luck RNG system which creates haves, and have nots.
You can limit the cost easily by saving up armorings that you gain through playing and stop recalibrating amplifiers at a certain credit level, I set my limit at 80k but if you have limited credits 50k is plenty, and if you don't mind getting the purple variants you can get them at a lot lower credit per armoring. Rerolling until the rerolls starts costing several million is simply bad player behaviour. There is an aspect of the RNG of course, but so is the entire gearing system as you have a chance to get the right mods, the right armoring and the exact version of the enhancements that you want, the amplifier system is consistent.

Quote: Originally Posted by Brittaany_Banks View Post
2) It does not address the main problem of why there are too many credits in the game to begin with. If the developers want to start addressing that then we wouldn't need credit sinks.
It's literally what it does, more credit sinks like the gearing system, the increase of the GTN tax along with increased repair cost and less credit farming opportunities will ensure that the credit inflation continues to be reduced.

There is no quick fix to the credit inflation issue, but the current system is a great start and needs to be expanded upon, hopefully, we are getting enhancement amplifiers next year.

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