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Any reason why low screen resolutions are extremely blurry?

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Any reason why low screen resolutions are extremely blurry?

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06.25.2019 , 09:05 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by ShieldProtection View Post
I'm looking for reduce the heat of my CPU while playing this game, one of them is lowering the resolution, anything below than 1920x1080 are extremely blurry and in game chat almost impossible to read, there is just way too much blur, my screen is native 1080p so its ok to play in that res of course but then again its overheats my processor. Is there any official way to fix this? My NVIDIA Control Panel is normal and FXAA is turned off by default, so it isnt my computer right? 720p, 768p, 1400x900 1600x900 all same, too much blur. Mind you this isnt the case in any other game I play.

can I make it more sharper in any official way?
Under normal operating conditions regardless of what your are doing your computer should not run hot or overheat. If it is there is an underlying problem that is not related to SWToR and most likely is an issue with your computer.

Dirt and Dust are the most common culprits that cause a computer to run hot or overheat. Dust and Dirt blocks air flow to the internal cooling system of your computer. If the cooling fan, heat-sink, or other components get contaminated with excess dust and dirt it will cause the computer and internal components to run hot or to overheat.

The location of your computer can also affect the operation if it is in a HOT location or if there is something blocking the air flow around the computer.

ie. You have your Desktop PC in a closed cabinet, or covered with a cloth or rug. ( I have seen both done before ) or you use your Laptop on a towel, cloth, bed or rug ect. The air MUST beable to circulate under the laptop for proper cooling.

Over heating is rarely caused by running games or other programs. You should start looking within or around your hardware for the problem instead.

You may even find that a fan is failing or running slow thus not supplying enough air circulation for proper cooling.

Lowering your settings is a Band-aid approach and may lead to total system failure if you do not address the physical reason for your computer running hot.
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