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Reverse the nerf on Sentinels and Sage Healers

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Reverse the nerf on Sentinels and Sage Healers

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11.29.2019 , 09:09 AM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by Gyronamics View Post
Yes I have. About the time mercs were garbage it was also popular to dogpile snipers, especially as stealth.
I also played Mercs during the dark days of Mercs/Snipers. I created many cry-threads begging for Mercs to be given stronger defensives so they could stop being free kills especially for Mara/Juggs/PTs/Operatives back then.

Funny thing is, I it seems I actually enjoyed those "dark days" of PVP more than today, even though I think back then the FOTMs were by far more powerful than what it seems our present day FOTMs are.

It's ironic to me that my memories of the "dark days" of PVP actually are quite a bit more bright than present experiences.

Maybe just rose-tinted glasses, but one thing is certain with all it's flaws 4-5 years ago, PVP was far more active.

Each tier of PVP was buzzing with activity back then! I could level a toon from 10-cap level via PVP and it was fun! I could even gear up doing PVP 100%, that was fun.

Fun. I miss that.
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Iíd still like to know how you find someoneís legacy name if they donít display it?
Quote: Originally Posted by omaan View Post
Uh you don't know it because it is a secret knowledge of ranked players who use it to see the real appearance of other players through the force.

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11.29.2019 , 06:43 PM | #152
Idk about fun.

When I did ranked as a merc back then it was very common to get relentlessly tunneled unless there was a far more blatant target like a healer.

I'd sometimes get a good round of freecasting and then the other team would remember that everything gets easier if you shut down the merc by relentlessly tunnelling them and off they'd go again...

Whatever though. Played merc since before launch, never crossed my mind to give it up because it was trash in competitive pvp. All complaints were ignored for so many years since launch it was normal to be the ranked punching bag.

And now... well now you can be a ranged tank that people don't like tunneling because you heal off it. Hiding from melee is definitely not a merc thing anymore. I can still remember how horrific a jug vs merc matchup was back in the day. You'd get to cast nothing because the jug had so many ways to break your casts and you'd just die pathetically if you couldn't run.

PVP was simpler back then but you also knew your place as a merc, below everyone else. While the dream was to find spots to freecast from the edges of a fight.

I suppose its missing the thrill of being the easy target these days. Maybe you found the higher risk more exciting.

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