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Make Ultraviolet Blast great! I surely can't be the only one who wants this?

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Make Ultraviolet Blast great! I surely can't be the only one who wants this?

JamesHicks's Avatar

07.16.2020 , 07:02 AM | #1
Surely I can't be the only sniper who wants this tactical to be reworked?

Maybe I am being biased as a PVP Virulence Sniper main, but I think this tactical is one of the most interesting to come out of 6.0, it completely changes our play style, ability priorities and rotation in favour for quick and unpredictable burst which this spec severely lacks.
After using it exclusively for over a month, I decided to make this post in some vein attempt to get it the deserved rework it needs after almost a year since its launch.

The problems:

Spec synergy: Nothing in our skill tree or sniper class design supports this tactical except two passives, those being Corrosive Microbes which gives a 7% damage buff to internal damage when the target has corrosive grenade applied. Devouring Microbes which gives a 15% damage boost to poison effects on targets below 30% health.
As this skill is not a periodic effect it does not receive boosts supporting them and is not effected by Laze Target or Target Acquired.

Cool down extension: This is unnecessary, the skills original CD is 18 seconds, longer then both MM's and Engi's burst skills and I'm pretty sure no other class in this game has to wait 20+ seconds to reapply their burst. The fact that we are sacrificing our sustained damage, weakening blasts debuff, additional energy management and 2 GCD's to reapply our dots using this tactical is punishment enough...Please remove

Damage: The current damage from this tactical is horrible, it has potential and my personal biggest hit with both dots combined was 114k. But these higher numbers are so rare and the damage buffs needed to achieve this are too situational and hard to achieve. These damage buffs are both relics, 9.4% tech wiz (periodic intensity does not increase this tacticals damage), 7% assailable debuff, 15% buff from full Establish Foothold stacks, 15% damage buff from target being under 30% max health, 15% PVP temporary damage buff and your crit multiplier (mine being 70%). Even with all these you may only hit a 30-50K hit with both dots combined.

Crit Chance: With nothing in our skill tree or skill bar to support this ability, unlike MM or Engi, you rely on your crit chance alone. It feels like it barely ever crits!

Bugs: I have noticed two bugs associated with this tactical, sometimes when used this attack lands, the animation happens, your dots are removed but no damage happens...this is not because of the player using any dcds. The second bug I have noticed is when you are grouped with another Virulence Sniper, regardless of what tactical they are using, if they use weakening blast on a target suffering from your dots it will explode them. This has lead to some interesting synergy's in PVP but surely this is not intentional?

The Fix

Weakening Blast finishes off all your poison effects at once, dealing all their remaining damage. This ability now consumes a Laze target charge instead of Cull

With this ability consuming Laze Target, we will get an auto super crit meaning more consistent damage and better synergy with our damage set up. Precise Targeter set bonus would also be a more viable and appealing set bonus for Virulence.

What are your thoughts? Or is everyone just content with Exploited Weakness?
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chrisforester's Avatar

08.08.2020 , 03:28 AM | #2
I like these ideas. The main problem apart from bugginess is probably the way it screws rotation.

Could there be other solutions e.g.

1.) Weakening blast immediately deals say 75% of the remaining dots damage, leaving enough time for you to apply a cull and gain its damaging effects before dot reapplying, thus screwing the rotation less or

2) WB deals 100% of dot damage the dots remain on the target but deal only minimal residual damage, but the cull effect still applies as if they were doing full damage, so cull still works as normal.

BTW does the other tactical that has lethal blast apply a DOT - how does that work with multiple lethal shot casts - does it refresh the dot or stack it?
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