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Tired of it

Lobovalerie's Avatar

05.21.2019 , 08:56 PM | #1
I am tired of being put in to ranked matches with over powered classes, and when I say over powered im talking about merc and sniper reason to have to have 3 of these in a dam match. Sad one of the reasons nobody plays this game anymore

merovejec's Avatar

05.21.2019 , 11:35 PM | #2
I had quite a few matches against multiple mercs + 1 sniper etc. The issue is that my team was mostly all melee. I do not know what the matchmaking logic is now. Its still doable, but as long as at least 2 of the enemy team are decent players they will win the match.

This is a thing now, where you have to also consider who is quing, what classes are in que. There are times when no snipers or mercs are in que and you are only up against juggs, sins and maybe a sorc. What sucks about that is that it reduces the time of when you can play.
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