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600K damage/heal/protection specs

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600K damage/heal/protection specs

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01.08.2013 , 05:45 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by CharterMonkKent View Post
That counts more than 850k damage IMO.
Agreed. Good damage, control, and guarding as a tank is much more impressive than high deeps. Not only do tanks need to observe the actions of their DPS targets, but they need to understand what pretty much everyone in the WZ is doing to be as effective as possible. They need to know when to taunt, control, or burn down enemies with their DPS.
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01.08.2013 , 06:09 PM | #22
I've done like 700k healing in voidstar on a scoundrel....what it really comes down to it how good the other team is. If they are focus targeting me every chance they get and interrupting my heals than my score is going to be crap at the end of the game...but if they are stupid and let me free cast heals than I can really rack up big numbers.
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01.08.2013 , 06:15 PM | #23
Pretty sure I could break 600K in full Lightning. I've only tried it a couple of times but out'dps the other sorcs, who werent lightning speced, on my team. Just need the right warzone and a somewhat conducive enviroment, as in not having to carry five 14K people against 4 smashers. I've done 500K without wrath in lowbie so it's pretty much the same thing, but with bigger hits.I've also done 600K in PvE gear + WH relics a couple of times.

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01.08.2013 , 07:39 PM | #24
In a voidstar I put up 722k damage with 36 kills with a full mm sniper full optimized WH gear nothing more, coming out to just over 20k damage per kill, which is not bad - healers only got a few heals on enemies before 5k ambushes devoured them. I need to investigate why my print screen button doesn't work; would love to magnet the pic to my fridge :O. The game was not a full game iirc, we defended first and they never got past the first door, so the round was still cut short maybe 2-3 minutes.
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Make sure you take 3/3 in the "knowing how to play" box

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01.08.2013 , 08:02 PM | #25
In Sage's heal tree i've hit 600k, it's not often though and all depends on how ignorant the enemy dps'es are, sometimes they identify me in the first minutes and then i'd be lucky to get off 250k
Sadly it is very uncommon for teammates to protect their healers which is a pity for the whole team.

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01.08.2013 , 08:03 PM | #26
... in my experience.

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01.08.2013 , 10:25 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by CharterMonkKent View Post
Overall this is mostly meaningless but that's why I started the thread. Forums need meaningless from time to time. There are certain specs that may not be able to reach the 600k mark. Lightning sorc sticks out, but I haven't played this spec since champion gear was the shizzle.

Perhaps every class is capable of reaching this benchmark in a full voidstar, but I have not done it on them all... yet. Classes that I have personally hit 600k with.

-Rage Jugg (duh)
-Pyro PT (duh)
-Advanced Proto PT (twice and both times after the reduced stacks required for PFT)
-Madness Sorc (actually easy to hit 600k when self heals + damage)
-Lethality Sniper
-Engineer Sniper
-Heal Oper
-Heal Sorc

Not making the 600k mark (for me)
-Conceal Oper, I have broken 400k one time.
-Arsenal/Pyro Merc, 400k yes, but not 500k as of yet
-Shadow, lvl 48 right now. I've broken 300k
-Heal Merc, I gave up on this one
-PT Tank. I broke 200k protection once with about 100k damage.

What about you other folks?
-I assume there are some shadows/sins that break this with either pure DPS or DPS + protection.
-Has anyone reached this dps with marksman spec'd sniper?
-Vengeance Jugg?
-I'd also be interested to know if anyone has reached this with some of the new lightning/madness hybrid builds.
-I assume each mara/sent tree is 600k capable?
Yes each Mara tree is capable. Rage(duh). I've seen some carnages do it before. And anni vs sorcs is dreadfully effective. And when I used to pvp on my assassin I had a 600k protection and 150k damage voidstar in full tank spec with an amazing healer.
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01.08.2013 , 11:47 PM | #28
In full battlemaster, I've hit a max of 750k heals on my commando. Though this was about 5 - 6 months ago, i'm not sure what I could get now. I recently had said commando resurrected to my account a couple of days ago and I've only done one WZ with it.

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01.09.2013 , 04:46 PM | #29
I DOUBT there is any heal class that cannot hit 600k with hard work.

I have hit 500k Damage many many times (often with 250k heals as well) on my Hybrid Sage dps, (FIB and WM for the win), I think I have a few screenshots at 750k (voidstars) and a 1mill huttball screenie too. I will look when I get home.
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01.09.2013 , 05:00 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by Carter_Mathis View Post
I can put up 600k on a Conc Op nightly, and I've topped out at 780k. I'm only talking about voidstar, since unless you have at least 800 dps, you wouldn't hit 600k in a Civil War or Novare that is similar length. I've gotten 600k+ plenty in Huttball, it's just that the additional 2 minutes in Voidstar is better suited for pulling higher numbers, even though it's easier to restealth in Huttball
You're adding dps + heals right?

Because I'm valor 90 and I've never EVER seen a conc op or scrapper put up 600+ dps in a war zone I've been in. Only Lethality/Dirty Fighting if they get their dots on everyone. Personally, I have a 50 scrapper that was min/maxed to the old WH gear level (haven't really spent time on it with the new ewh) and his best was 450k damage along with 150k heals.

I'm not saying that it can't happen, but to say 600k damage nightly? I don't buy it. Once in a blue moon.