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How would you have returned companions?

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How would you have returned companions?

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08.29.2018 , 04:14 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthDymond View Post
Major plot point of KotET: "We need to go to Nathema to stop Vaylin."
Plot point from the Revan novel: "Nathema's location was hidden, but Lord Scourge knows where it is."

Endgame of KotET: "Destroy the Emperor, once and for all."
Lord Scourge's main motivation: "Stop the Emperor."

... yeah, seems like there was a bit of a missed opportunity there.

Since Kira's backstory is also so intimately tied to the Emperor, and she and Scourge worked together as companions of the Jedi Knight, I would have had them together in a "clenched-teeth teamwork" situation working against the Emperor, and the Alliance finds them to get Nathema's location.
Also at the end of the Jedi Knight story Scourge says he will stay with you until he is sure the Emperor is no more. Well, the emperor is gone so hopefully they come up with a good reason for Scourge to stay around. He said he will never be anything but Sith and I don't see him willingly want to follow the republic or a LS jedi anymore. I guess we will see what interesting (if any) story they come up with concerning him. But I do agree with you that bringing them in for Nathema would have been ideal. I also think they should have brought Ilresso in at that time for us to rescue from there.
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09.23.2018 , 06:26 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueShiftRecall View Post
Here's an example I had for Iresso.
We get rumors of a powerful holocron and weapon plans locked inside a man's head. We have to rescue Iresso whose been captured by Vaylin's forces on some backwater moon or planet. We can take Lana/Theron or Arcann if he's been saved. Throughout the chapter we learn through cut scenes that it's true and that they're trying to get the holocron data from Iresso's head which contains plans for a weapon that could help shift the war for whomever has it. In the end we can choose to,
LS: Save Iresso, permanently closing/losing the holocron's information so it can never be used/found again.
DS: Continue to test/torture him to try and gather the data/weapon plans for yourself which will kill him in the process.
Quote: Originally Posted by Allronix View Post
Felix: The single cutscene rescue was sweet, but a bit lackluster. Some mad scientist (the one who turned Vaylin into a rabid mutt) experimenting on him due to the time bomb in his head? Great idea, but that should have been a full blown smash and grab of that laboratory. I do like having the LS/DS choice to spare him or take the data and kill the man. I can also see a couple options - if Jorgan's alive, have him being the party member along for the ride and taking a massive blow to any affection points if you take the DS option, and a major boost for the LS one. If Jorgan isn't alive, then maybe a companion that approves of the DS option and loses affection for the LS.
I am a bit late replying to this, but I have three strands of thought for how Iresso's return could have been handled, some not entirely dissimilar to what has already been posted in this thread.
  1. KotET Chapter Return: Nathema - I imagine Felix was originally supposed to link in with this plot, given the two strong connected strands of Jarak (who had both Felix and Vaylin tortured) and the secrets of ancient holocrons (the one in Felix's head and the one housing Dramath). If his return was made available to everyone, then how we handle Felix might have some knock-on effects for our use of the Dramath holocron later. (Or maybe, on some paths, the Dramath holocron wouldn't be used at all - something different would replace it?)
  2. Existing alliance alert return story, except the consular goes on an active mission to save Felix. If available, Jorgan and/or Qyzen take part. I have written a lot of personal speculation about this in my free time, but it's so verbose and scattered that it would take me a while to condense. Ideally the mission would include three paths: diplomatic, stealth/infiltration, and the old classic "boot down the door, fight everything" approach.
  3. Felix remains a prisoner up to the Nathema Conspiracy; his remote prison world is one of the places where Vinn and Theron take refuge (or he was on Nathema all along); his fate is incorporated into the resolution of the Traitor storyline. For non-consular players, some other still-missing companions could be incorporated instead. Scourge, Kira, and Jaesa seem like they'd have particular promise here.

I stayed up too late writing a short Felix rescue fanfic but I mean to reply again to this topic with... some kind of succinct speculation. For now my musings are too long even if I hide them in spoiler tags...
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Satisfying returns for class companions!
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09.23.2018 , 01:39 PM | #13
I've posted some of these elsewhere but they're on topic so I'll repeat here.

I would not have gone on the rampage of killing every single companion that we have now. I would have included some opportunities to turn down some of these companions, but on the caveat that they would remain FULLY in the story for anyone who kept them.

Asylum chapters:

- Bring back Andronikos, Corso. Pirates in a shadow port; what could be more perfect?


- Have Elara Dorne working with Aric Jorgan. Why not, they're both Havoc Squad!

Profit and Plunder:
- Make this the Vette/Risha reunion that was missed, and have them working as a duo, with Gault.

Mandalore's Revenge: - Add Akaavi Spar, who found her way back to the Mandalorians.

Lady of Sorrows - I would have found a way to work Firebrand into this chapter instead of giving Kaliyo her own. I think people could have stood that more than spending a whole chapter with Kaliyo.

Firebrand chapter - I would have used this for a Talos Drelik chapter on Yavin 4 instead, and possibly found a way to return Khem Val here. We have a very knowledgeable Sith archaeologist who worked with a Dark Councillor who had ghosts in their head. It's not as though that would have been useful expertise in the KOTET story arc. *facepalm* So I would have made Talos Drelik main story.

By the end of KOTFE that would have given the player these main story companions:
Elara Dorne
Aric Jorgan
Talos Drelik
Khem Val

In the Star Fortress missions I would have used class story companions for at least some of these instead of new ones. If the PC and companion were from the same class, you could get them back without completing the Star Fortress veteran mode, and would get more content with them.

Alderaan- Vector
Nar Shaddaa - Mako or Zenith
Tatooine - Andronikos if he was not on Asylum
Voss - Ashara


Chapter 1 - Ashara, if she was not in a SF mission

Chapter 2 - Quinn.

Chapter 6 - Another opening for Risha here, to pose as a socialite at Vaylin's party and get them in that way

Chapter 7
- Felix. No reason he shouldn't have been in Nathema and it would have made the chapter even more compelling

That would not have returned every single companion but it would have meant that between the main story, SF and existing Alliance Alerts, the only missing companions would have been:

Sith Warrior: Jaesa LS/DS
Jedi Consular: Nadia, Tharan
Jedi Knight: Scourge, Kira, Doc

And the only missing LIs would have been:
Jedi Knight - Doc; Kira
Sith Warrior - DS Jaesa
Jedi Consular - Nadia

And those could have all been set up for a post-KOTET story involving destroying the end of the Emperor's power base and Zildrog.

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09.24.2018 , 05:28 AM | #14
Uhhh ... I would have gone with chapter returns instead of these two minute cut scenes.


Quinn, Peirce, Dorna & Rusk - I would have brought these characters back in a chapter that had both the Empire and Republic loosely working together to bring down a Zakuul target.

Kira, Jaesa, Nadia, Guss & Ashara - These four I would of had working together in their own resistance cell. Not sure what Jaesa would be like ... maybe somewhere in the middle while easily influenced by both LS & DS choices.

Zenith - Something to do with defending Balmorra from the Eternal Empire. Balmorra Star Fortress?

Doc, Tharan & Lokin - Science / Medical stuff.

Temple - Something to do with the Eternal Empire interacting with the Chiss.

Risha - Queen of her own world, seeking to ally with the Alliance.

Mako, Broonmark, Tweek & Akaavi - Something to do with bounty hunting.

HK-51, C2-N2, 2V-R8 & M1-4X - Uhhh maybe a chapter about the droids infiltrating Zakuul?

Vector - Maybe a chapter about the Eternal Empire battling the Killiks?

Blizz & Yuun - Uhhh ... something related to technology or salvage from Zakuul?

Talos & Khem Val / Zash - Something about finding Sith / Jedi artifacts

Lord Scourge - On his own quest tracking down what he believes to be the Emperor?

Felix - Something about him being tortured by some Zakuulan after the Holocron in his head.

Corso, Andronikos & Skadge - Something with a Pirate / Smuggler theme?

Qyzen - Maybe something to do with uniting the Trandoshan against the Eternal Empire?

Then ...

Vaylin - Betraying Senya & Arcann during the Chapter 8 fight.

--- I don't know about the rest.