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Which character from the star wars saga do you like the most?

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Which character from the star wars saga do you like the most?

Totalchicken's Avatar

01.14.2012 , 11:07 PM | #1
So the topic is pretty obvious. It can be any character from any books, movies, etc etc.

My favortie must be.. General grievous (first named Sheelal ) First i thought the guy as a frecking bad ***
But then when i read more of his back story it made me thinking that he had a pretty interesting story. I mean he were a kaleesh warrior (That were an expert with gun rifles) That later in a dream he saw himself slaying some kind of mururum beast (dont remember ;P) and he were holding swords this time in a jungle.

Then later when he gone into the jungle he saw instead a kaleesh swordswoman slaying a beast and later on they got a strong bond but sadly the she died by '''The Huk'' And well you can guess Sheelal got pretty pissed. She was dumped at a Sea and Sheelal tried to find her but he couldn't and got into later soonerly a horrible psychotic depression. The guy married alot of wifes and got many children but still it didn't fit the void of Kummar's (The swordswoman) death..

Then he realiesed that he was destined to mourn for her until the day he dies. So Sheelal took of his old idenity. And decided a new name taht would fit his grieve forever. And so Grievous was ''born''.

Well.. that was longer than expected. And yeah i got some help from wiki but i could actually much of this info myself because well... I guess i am a huge nerd to his character. Of course this isn't all that detailed but i don't want to write too much...Which i already have done so my apologies.

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01.14.2012 , 11:10 PM | #2
Jabba the Hutt

I have two Jabbas, one from the 1980s and one from 1999, on either end of my monitor like two cherubim hovering over the ark of the covenant
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01.14.2012 , 11:11 PM | #3
Han, because he DID shoot first.
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01.14.2012 , 11:13 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by MrCrisp View Post
Han, because he DID shoot first.
I just saw the movie, I can definatly say he didn't it was all in self defense, remember Smugglers are light side, they would never do something underhanded like shoot first.

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01.14.2012 , 11:13 PM | #5
Qui-Gon Jinn
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01.14.2012 , 11:14 PM | #6
Yoda, I wouldve LOVED to have been able to play a Lannik, or whatever his race was
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01.14.2012 , 11:14 PM | #7
jar jar binks
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01.14.2012 , 11:16 PM | #8
Now i feel dumb writing so much text when people write just simply the name.

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01.14.2012 , 11:22 PM | #9
Lukwe syywalker is the greatest player in movie of all the tim

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01.14.2012 , 11:25 PM | #10
Darth Vader.

Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw. I was 5 years old, sitting on the top of my parents car in a drive in theatre. Right from the opening scene where the troopers blow the door and Vader steps through the smoke I wanted to be him, he was so cool. The voice, the breathing, the black outfit with the red saber...just awesome.