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Accuracy cap

Myriandore's Avatar

05.13.2018 , 04:38 AM | #1
Back after a long break trying to upgrade my augments. Looking at my accuracy, 100 (actually 101) in melee accuracy doesn't show 111 in force accuracy. Have I missed something? Something changed?
Must I see 110 in melee accuracy now?

wilygrayfox's Avatar

05.13.2018 , 09:33 AM | #2
Technically, there is no accuracy cap in the game. It's just that anything beyond 110% has no effect beyond what 110 gets you.

If you are looking to gear for endgame PVE (raids and FPs and such), you want to get as close as you can to 110% accuracy. If you're a sentinel, which I'm assuming you are since you posted this in the class section, there is no difference between force or melee accuracy. It's all one and the same to you. I think the point value for it is 736 accuracy to get 110.15% or something like that.

If you're interested only in PVP, then it's debatable. Some say to gear for about 105% to prevent classes like assassins to dodge your attacks. Some say don't bother getting any accuracy.

Me? I main a sentinel and I get it to about 580 accuracy and just wear an accuracy stim when I'm raiding. Otherwise, I use the versatile stim. Hope this helps.

Myriandore's Avatar

05.13.2018 , 09:39 AM | #3
it certainly does and reaffirms what I used to know a long time ago. so easy to forget!...
a great many thanks for investing the time to be thorough.