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Amplifiers; Crafting crit

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Amplifiers; Crafting crit

digimass's Avatar

12.02.2019 , 04:05 PM | #1
these things are worthless, and appear to make my crit rate even worse with a full max set than a toon crafting without. I'm seeing a normal 25-30% crit rate on non amplified toons, and less than 20% on toons with full amp set.

I hope this is addressed in next week's patch considering how costly and rare it is to have a full max set.

Eatuobyone's Avatar

12.03.2019 , 06:52 AM | #2
I don't put the amplifiers on the toon but on the character, because puting time efficiency module on character change crafting time, but crafting time remain idle if I put time efficiency module on toon
I have same results did 2x60 crafts with and without crit amplifiers : I got 86 with crit amplifiers (26 crits) and 97 (37 crits) without crit amplifiers(both with toons influence 50)
I sent this as a bug report via the bug report button in game, did you do the same ?

DawnAskham's Avatar

12.03.2019 , 07:24 AM | #3
Just FYI - in the suppliers area on fleet is a vendor selling cheap lowbie gear which contains mods with +crit and +success crafting amplifiers.

Also cybertech can craft the same lowbie mods with the same amplifiers using cheap lowbie mats (level 8 using desh).

So while they do appear to be useless right now (hopefully addressed in Dec patch), obtaining them is not costly.

Void_Singer's Avatar

12.03.2019 , 01:02 PM | #4
+Crit amplifiers don't currently seem to do anything, as reported by multiple people, but the +success and +efficiency ones do work

+efficiency is applied after normal efficiency, and TBH it's been too much trouble to figure out the formula for +success, but it reduces the failure rate (that they increased with this patch, so basically selling us back what we already had)

not sure I'd have mentioned the other part here, given how they nuked a similar ability previously.
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