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SWTOR PvP "Darth Malgus" Discord server...Now Open!

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SWTOR PvP "Darth Malgus" Discord server...Now Open!

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03.30.2019 , 07:49 PM | #1
Dear Sir or Madam, of Star wars the old republic community, i would like to introduce you to the new PvP Discord, Were you can be free to go about your business and join solo players to queue up for regular or ranked arena's, Talk about theory crafting builds, better practice at your favored class with more of an experienced players And having a general chat about upcoming updates and ideas associated with that, all are welcome if your interested hit me up with a message.
The very chilled vanguard! ;-) level 70 vanguard Makozer
x progenitor x tofn now on dat world server!