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Phase Walk in Ancient Hypergate

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Phase Walk in Ancient Hypergate

varietasplus's Avatar

03.27.2019 , 06:51 AM | #11
Thank you for all the feedback, what you say makes sense and are in line with my previous experience. I wish I had recorded the whole scenario so that I could reconstruct what has really happened. I have been to AH countless times, that is why I felt something was not right with this given situation.

Based on Occam's razor approach, I have to believe I had a prolonged dsync, because you pointed out correctly that the sage should have not been able to start capping. It would also explain why I have not seen it running towards it at all (regardless of Phase Walk, he had to cover some distance running), he simply appeared at the pylon.

Rion_Starkiller's Avatar

03.27.2019 , 01:40 PM | #12
There's a timer on the hypergate. It's not immediately cap- able as soon as the explosion ends.

It's super easy to beat this timer... I do it all the time on my scoundrels and juggs.

That said, a sage/sorc phase walk teleport is an excellent cap-staller after the explosion.
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