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Which romance is best written?

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Which romance is best written?

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05.10.2012 , 02:24 AM | #11
Dunno if he's best written, but Doc has been by far my favorite. Elara was really good too, although she wanders into the Sappy Zone and that just isn't my particular thing. Ashara actually surprised me once I got past the fact she sounds 12 years old, I enjoyed that romance much more than I expected to. I know there are some things about the romance that have people thinking she's dumb, but I viewed them more as her having certain boundries and not willing to compromise on them, which I liked. Helped that my manquisitor was LS, though. Probably.

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05.10.2012 , 02:32 AM | #12
Doc was hilariously good fun and the only thing that kept me playing my female JK.
Vector is terribly sweet and I enjoyed the romance immensely.
Andronikos - loved it. It really felt like the meeting of two equals - he didn't take any crap and his post romance letters cracked me up.
Quinn - blargh.

Those the ones I've completed. Its hard for me to pick the one that I think is best written as the three I liked all had good points and were very different.

Sorry to be indecisive.

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05.10.2012 , 02:52 AM | #13
I think JK had the best written romance with Doc. I liked that it had humourous moments, tense moments, and that at the end they actually had a real affirmation of their love that we could see, rather than just the 'it's so, cause we said so' affirmation of the relationship that most got.

I adore Quinn, and wish that his and SW's story had been better written and presented. The story idea was interesting, but a few quirks in it, made it a bit poorly done.

Vector and IA was also lovely, but again, it lacked the validation I would have liked to see at the very end like JK got. It kinda ticked me off the only 'official-ness' was to that other character, I personally didnt give a rat's *** about that lives on that planet that vexes me everytime I go.
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05.10.2012 , 04:16 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
I've only done Quinn and Kaliyo to completion; I went as far with Corso Riggs as I ever care to and just recently hit Act 2 with Andronikos and with Elara Dorne.

Favorite from a good-writing perspective? Kaliyo, hands down.

Quinn has some plot issues and a dom/sub dynamic that can reach disturbing levels. I'm not big on ordering guys into physical interaction immediately after they say no. It's true, you can choose not to play this aspect up. His line is slow and bewildering and enchanting. But, setting everything else aside, if anybody else walked up to me and reported that he's cleaned up the bloodstains from his last endeavour, let's have sex now, I would...well, definitely not have sex with him. (Who does that!?)

Corso's sweet and old-fashioned and controlling beyond belief. Plus the background he drops in the same breath as "Can I court you?" was disgustingly jarring. Like "Have you lost your mind?" jarring. Nuh-uh.

Kaliyo is a certifiable psychopath, but she'll tell you what she wants (mostly ), assert her limits without apologizing for them, and just be playful. Felt like I was dealing with a person, not a mishmash of back story traits. As for the mind games...bring it on. Running the relationship as a continuing fling between two adults who know better than to make a mushfest out of a good thing, I loved it.

I'm kinda curious what you mean by Corso is controlling??? Ive only partially run through it on my female smuggler and just not seeing it.
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05.10.2012 , 04:29 AM | #15
If you flipped his romance switch, but change your mind, he will not ever take no for an answer and it comes across as extremely unsettling and controlling. I imagine this is so for all the romances, since Bioware SOMEHOW neglected to allow us to dump people, but Corso in particular gets pretty creepy, since he gets so obnoxiously jealous all the time. And apparently he will give you rep hits for flirting even if you aren't romancing him at all.

But even if you just roll with it anyway (like I have been doing, because I have a sick need to see how awful it gets, since Corso could not possibly be less my type), he refuses to see my smuggler as who she is, and continues to insist to her, no matter how many times she corrects him, that she is in fact this fictional woman he has put high up on a pedestal. He doesn't care what she actually wants, thinks, or needs, and will constantly try to convince my smuggler that he knows what she REALLY wants and/or deserves (spoiler: apparently she wants and deserves a white knighting farmboy with a creepy gun fetish).

Ranadiel_Marius's Avatar

05.10.2012 , 05:00 AM | #16
I've currently romanced Kira, Vette, Nadia, Ashara, and Elara. I would say that the ones I enjoyed the most were Kira followed by Elara. The other three were....ehhh. I'd probably rank Nadia next but only from a "it's so bad it is hilarious" perspective. And I just did not care for Vette or Ashara. How much of my preferences are based off of how well they were written is anyone's guess.
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05.10.2012 , 05:45 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Hyfy View Post
I'm kinda curious what you mean by Corso is controlling??? Ive only partially run through it on my female smuggler and just not seeing it.
- Hates it when you as femSmuggler flirt with anyone. This escalates from "Are you serious?" on Coruscant to "That's it. I'm putting my foot down." on Balmorra (Even if you've told him more than once that you're not interested in him!)
- The standard "I thought you were better than this" when you take DS options. Not "bad idea" or "yuck," but some active variation on how you're failing to live up to his idea of what you ought to be.
- As mentioned, it is impossible to turn the romance off once you have started. This is actually true of all companions, near as I can tell, but Corso was my first and I honestly thought it was some psychotic aspect of his individual character.
- This means that when he strolls up and asks to have sex, and you say no because you've been saying no since Alderaan, you take yet another massive approval hit. And again for the next conversation where he wants something. And again.

He was close to qualifying as protective, but between the surprise talk
and the inability to escape his attentions, he comes off as a monstrous creep.
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05.10.2012 , 07:28 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalterien View Post
I quite enjoyed watching Jorgan and my femTrooper get together it was this slow transformation of Mr Grumpy-pants to a cuddly (sort of) but still grumpy-ish guy. Some of the lines were not the best but it was almost like watching two real people finally agree to something.
I really thought this romance was pretty fantastic and realistic too. I mean, it's great that there's finally a Bioware romance option where guy isn't totally emo, has a bunch of issues that need to be fixed, or just flat out boring. There's tension that comes from a personality clash (mostly with Jorgan being such a grumpy hardass in the beginning) and the circumstances of their meeting. Really well done and totally the most underrated romance in the game because people seem to be put off by the fact that he's a Cathar.

I thought the Corso romance was well written too - but this is probably because I play a really snarky smuggler who leads Corso on while simultaneously taking every opportunity to flirt and have flings with NPC's. I find torturing him absolutely hilarious. I don't think I could take the fluffyness of it though if she were actually nice to him, and I would probably be annoyed by his jealousy if I wasn't going for a total and complete trainwreck of a romance.

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05.10.2012 , 08:36 AM | #19
Personally, I've only gone through Mako, Jorgan, Quinn, and part of Vector and Corso.

The Lt. Pierce thing is okay if all you want is the nookie and absolutely nothing more for a SW. Quinn is adorably in line and struggles with his duty and feelings. Mako is... just hilarious, and cute. Vector so far I love - I'm hoping the marriage option eventually opens because I've heard it never really becomes official aside from nookie without the bugs around. Corso is cute for the moment, but everything I've heard points to a jealous guy (which I'm not too against, I've known too many good ol' country boys like him) and I'm hoping it doesn't get over the top. Jorgan is probably my absolute favorite - tied with Quinn - because he's real and grumpy and it's actually like he grudgingly is won over. The fact that he's Cathar just makes it more interesting.
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05.10.2012 , 08:49 AM | #20
For me, Jaessa for my Sith Warrior. SHe is so dark, and evil. And the letters she keeps sending. "I followed you to see if you date other females. You do not, and I'm dissapointed for have noone to kill" but, she is my favourite NPCs from all I've seen.

I also like ensign Temple and her ways to approach my agent. "Can you show me the ways to behave" and all those tricks. Very, very nice.

On the other hand, I despise Ashara. She is my most "hated NPC". Dull, whiny kid with emo problems. "I'm soo afraid to deny the council" - yeah *****, you on the Sith vessel, makin love to a Dark Council member, and you still do worry, that Jedi Council would not approve the marriage :P