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The identity of the traitor in the war for Iokath

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The identity of the traitor in the war for Iokath

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09.11.2017 , 09:18 AM | #421
Quote: Originally Posted by Cindlehr View Post
So if you love him but perhaps your characters personality is upset and puts the bounty on him you get a completely different letter. It read as a break up letter to me. That was my take on it. It is the same regardless if you are in a relationship or not, which I found disappointing. The writers could have had a different mail if a romanced person puts a bounty like "I know you don't understand my actions, commander, but given our relationship I had hoped I meant more to you than this". I think something along those lines would have been better than saying basically I knew I was right and I need to stop you at all costs.
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