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The identity of the traitor in the war for Iokath

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The identity of the traitor in the war for Iokath

Alterkai's Avatar

04.18.2017 , 10:30 PM | #1
After i played the war for iokath on the empire side, i went to YouTube and watched Vulkk's video and find out the traitor maybe a Scion, the force organisation in the Eternal Empire.
Before Heskal died, he said scion will help you or join you in the future or something like that, as we all know, scion believes the guidance of the force, every member of scion plays different rolls in their lives. Heskal believes his roll is being a traitor, that is why he called Arcann on Asylum, perhaps this scion's roll is a traitor as well, that's why he or she might work with the third party to start the war on iokath.

It is possible there are/ is scion(s) hiding in the alliance as a solider or engineer, we do not know, they all covered their face with mask.

here is the evidence for me to say why the traitor is a scion, as we all see in the game, the figure was covered in the robe, BUT if you go to vulkk's video:
SWTOR 5.2 The War for Iokath Story | Light Side, Republic, Jedi Knight
ON 1:06:40 around the figure's clothing was bugged and we can see he or she's dress was a scion's lower robe!
(I have the screenshot but i can post in this post)
This is all my guess, comment if you think otherwise, thx

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04.18.2017 , 11:13 PM | #2
The Scions are supposed to help you. How is

Besides, Heskal only said they'd help overthrow Arcann and Vaylin, which you did without their help.

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04.18.2017 , 11:48 PM | #3
Good point, but maybe the scion knows that you will not die during the action, more importantly you gain the access to the super weapon and gains more information about gods after the sacrifice. but one problem is we saw tyth when we sit on the throne, after we start talking THEN the traitor walks in and sabotage the throne, so tyth wants to kill us at the beginning, sacrifice is not caused by sabotage. maybe sabotage breaks the connection between us and tyth.

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04.19.2017 , 12:06 AM | #4
So I actually had the same glitch as Vulk by the looks of it. It clearly was a scion uniform. Considering what they said to you, it does make sense that they would bring you to Iokath. This is where their gods are after all.

How sabotaging the throne fits in, I suspect it has to do something with the desire to "pacify/control" Tyth rather than dismantle/destroy him like you originally wanted to.
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04.19.2017 , 06:27 AM | #5
I actually didn't notice this the first time I played the story. My chat went crazy about the Scion in this moment. I almost missed it
BTW, got that bug on more than one occasion. It's also a very old bug or at least I've seen it in numerous other occasions. A second most popular conspiracy is that this could be Satele, but... D'OH! I just can't believe it possible.
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04.19.2017 , 10:03 AM | #6
Neh, it's not the scions. They wouldn't go through all the trouble of building up this cloak & dagger suspicion about a traitor just to pull a generic scion out of their hat. No, this traitor is going to be someone in the inner circle close to the commander with access to alliance resources. Someone who will shock us at the revelation.


JLazarillo's Avatar

04.19.2017 , 11:21 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by DjMeta View Post
The Scions are supposed to help you. How is

Besides, Heskal only said they'd help overthrow Arcann and Vaylin, which you did without their help.
To be fair, Heskal himself led you right into a trap, nearly got you killed by Arcann, and got a lot of other people killed as well because destiny said he was supposed to do so, or some crap. From Heskal's perspective, he was helping you. That Heskal is a moron is immaterial. It's not impossible that this would be something similar.

Celise's Avatar

04.19.2017 , 01:38 PM | #8
i think there are some pieces of the puzzle that have been forgotten and others that are not even thought of, from meeting the scions and hearing what valkorion, heskal and the few named scions mentioned. later on after building the main alliance complex just after theron's arrival and your personal starship but before finding kaliyo, valkorion mentioned that someone is working against you.

i doubt it was scorpio who was this traitor as she never actually believed, followed and protected the cause. besides her concerns lie elsewhere now, either dead or in iokath.

Valkorion mentioned that there are things you must do alone and satele and marr mentioned that you must use the force as a weapon of power, later on messages from the scion can be found that states that there is a maelstorm around you and they will be there when you need them most.

There are other things like the superweapon on iokath that killed trillions, the dead lifeform on the throne which strongly suggests that the sith emperor may have inhabited this body at some point (as Zildrog?), perhaps an artificial and easy means to fuel his hunger for immortality, just remember he was trying to do this and the jedi knight stop rituals from being conducted on belsavis, voss and corellia from happening. so the link to valkorion and some of his previous comments should carry a lot of weight.

the gods of zakuul from their old history should be acknowledged especially considering the first visit to iokath mentioned that these ancient machines invaded zakuul for the purposes of experimentation and not long after they left but a tribal society was left behind and they adopted some of these old world gods into their society.

I am almost certain that Valkorion and the Scions are directly involved in this whole conspiracy in some form, perhaps they saw the commander's arrival to Iokath and prepared appropriately with this traitor.

Izax (Devourer) and Scyva (Sorrows) are the father and mother and likely to be the last two to be met, but Valkorion held the title "Slayer of Izax", meaning that Zildrog may show up instead, however it should be known that Izax used to take the form of Zilrog and considering that Valkorion wanted mass extinction events to fuel his hunger for immortality he could of switched to the form of izax and literally devourered his subjects.

In any event, Tyth is the old god of rage and war, it warned you of the betrayer meaning that it knew of your arrival and the circumstances surrounding it and yet it knew nothing beyond Iokath as it was not active at the time to gather information, meaning at some point it was given the knowledge of someone in the future, you and your betrayer. But it is also a construct programmed to destroy any invaders, so why it even warned you is a mystery to begin with.

Since the creators on Iokath created all this, it's fair to assume that some amongst them were also prophets who saw the future and valkorion carried those teachings to the zakuulans to create scions(?), meaning he knew about the eternal fleet out there in space before he left Iokath.

Yes it was not the first time a scion decided to create chaos to allow destiny to take hold, Heskal was one of these but it ultimately lead to the defeat of Arcann and a greater understanding for the commander. However the scions were not apart of the alliance nor did they subscribe to the cause, so they are not actually traitors if they turn on you, so for as much as they have been involved in recent actions, it leads me to think it is someone who strongly follows the scions path or visions of the future in the force, someone who follows the old gods and someone who was apart of your alliance, someone who believed in your cause but their faith in you is starting to fade and has mixed emotions about the betrayal. this betrayal will happen regardless of alignment or actions taken. It is also someone who Valkorion knew about before you did.

So all this happened in advance for some time... Something i was thinking about is what Marr mentioned at the end of chapter 9 of FE about many alliance people will die. i don't think it was about the battle of odessen but rather another battle to come, one that will cost a lot of lives. Traitors happen to be very good at hiding who they are until their trap is sprung and the most damage can be done.

Finally there is one last thing, that bomb under the alliance console on iokath, there is no way that would of been planted without someone knowing about it, meaning this traitor already had access to this base during it's construction. this also raises an interesting point about how the captain or the major managed to flee after the concussion device. only someone who knew security proceedures and how the alliance forces are deployed could figure out a quick way in and out of the facility. Not even the republic or the empire could work that fast let alone figure security arrangements and codes like that. so whoever this traitor is, is clearly someone who has high level access and is likely a sleeper agent.

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04.19.2017 , 02:22 PM | #9
It seems like the Scions or someone who's familiar with the Scions could definitely be involved. I sort of hope it's not the Scions directly though since they already did a 'helping you by betraying you' thing and I think it'd be kind of stupid to have them betray you yet AGAIN. Plus they're not exactly part of your inner circle.

But it seems like their knowledge of the gods would be helpful for whoever the betrayer actually is. Either that or it's someone who has been receiving/doing research on Iokath (perhaps under Oggurobb?) but not passing it on. I'm not sure how else someone would know all about the superweapon before us.

I'm not sure what the betrayer's end goal here is. It's stated that they're unhappy with the direction the Alliance is going I think but it also seems like they were planning to wipe out the leaders of both the Republic and Empire. So they just want a fresh start with total control? They were planning on sacrificing you to the gods so that they could all wake up, so they intended to kill you for sure. And then I assume have them wipe out everyone currently on Iokath. But then they must already know a way to control them after that, or would the gods just be stuck there anyways? I'm not sure if they can just run wild once they're free.

So yeah I can't really think of a person in our inner circle that would really have that knowledge (that can't be dead anyways). Maybe Lana since she was there before us but it doesn't seem like she'd want to wipe out the Imperial and Sith forces that were there.

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04.19.2017 , 03:48 PM | #10
I had the glitch as well and immediately recognized the uniform. I HOPE it is a Scion. Although it looked like the Scion was actually helping us...I was sort of confused in that.

My biggest fear is that the "Choices that Matter" will come back and haunt me in a big way. We choose a side on Iokath, and my worry is that the traitor is Lana or Theron, and that the game will make the traitor be the opposite of the faction you chose. In my case, I chose the Empire, because of my actions, I worry Theron could be labeled the traitor.

I really hope that Theron and Lana will remain as co-narrators for the indefinite future. I like them both and they do serve a purpose of representing both sides of the war.

I have two RP absolutes when I play.

1. I want the Sith Throne...the Eternal Alliance is a vessel to get me back to my origins. Acina and I could pull an Isabella & Ferdinand and co-rule together. I get the title Emperor and she has access to the Eternal Fleet to crush the Republic and protect the Empire.

2. Do NOT do anything to hurt Theron. He is my little love toy.

It would kill me if those absolutes came into conflict.