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How To Submit A Bug Report In Game

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05.28.2013 , 12:37 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  


Help Tickets go directly to Customer Service so that an agent can come and help you with your issue. Bug Reports go directly to QA so that a tester can get the bug submitted to development for a fix. These issue types are on totally different pipelines, which means they are not easily interchangeable, so it’s important to submit your report to the right place, whether it’s something CS can help you with or something that needs to be patched.

Before you post an issue to this forum, make sure that you have submitted a Bug Report rather than any other kind of ticket.


There are two ways to submit a Bug Report: typing "/bug" into chat or using the UI. Trade secret: since they both go to the same place, we call them all /bugs!

Typing /bug into chat (then hitting enter, of course) brings up a window into which you can type. All you have to do is describe the issue as you have seen it, then click submit. If you want to be very precise, you can select a topic from the dropdown, but honestly, your description is the most important thing to us.

Clicking the (?) icon, selecting Request Help, clicking [Create Ticket+], then selecting Bug Report from the category dropdown will also submit a /bug. IMPORTANT: Only selecting Bug Report will send the ticket to QA; any other selection will send your report to CS as a help ticket! From there, you just describe the issue as you have seen it. Click Create Ticket, and when you see the FAQ, don’t forget to click [Submit Ticket +] again!

There is no need whatsoever to include things like class, level, server, time, etc., no matter which method you use. All that info (and more!) is gathered from your game and submitted to us alongside your ticket. We do, however, ask that you include the full names – when possible – of any items, NPCs, objects, quests, etc., that your report deals with.

If you encounter an issue that you need CS help with, but that is also a bug, go ahead and report the issue both ways. Send a Help Ticket to request an agent’s help and a Bug Report to submit the issue to QA to be fixed. Bug Report tickets WILL NOT show up in your list of tickets. This does not mean they were not sent or not received.

TL;DR - It's important that you submit your tickets to the right place. Customer Support can't help you with a missing texture or a broken ability, and QA cannot help you if you're stuck or need a refund.

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