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Best way to get the 2 peice PvE bonus?

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Best way to get the 2 peice PvE bonus?

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02.09.2013 , 02:58 PM | #1
I am trying to find the most efficient way to get the 2 piece bonus (15% backstab chance) and add that to my PvP gear. I don't have a lot of credits to spare with experimenting taking out mods and stuff, I need to know what exactly is the best way to do this before I do it.

I only have comms to get Tionese gear btw, so I will have to get the 2 set bonus from that some how.
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02.09.2013 , 03:46 PM | #2
Check out the guide in my signature for a more in-depth discussion of this topic, but I will give a rundown of it here anyway.

The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to buy 2 pieces of Tionese Enforcer Gear (Legs and Boots, for example), which you get for free at level 50 anyway. The PvE set bonus is tied to the shell, not the armoring, so you don't need any of the mods in the Tionese gear.

If you don't mind losing 100 Expertise, you can then take out the Mod and Enhancement from your PvP WH gear and stick those into the Tionese shells, overriding the PvE Mod/Enhancement. But that leaves you with bad Armorings and down 100 Expertise.

To fix that, you need to buy 2 EWH Bracers. The armorings in the EWH gear are NOT tied to any specific set bonus, nor are they tied to certain gear. Rip out the EWH armorings from the Bracers and drop them into the Tionese gear. You will now have a Tionese Legs and Boots with the PvE set bonus, but with all PvP modifications.

1 Tionese Enforcer Leggings (Free at 50)
1 Tionese Enforcer Boots (Free at 50)
2 War Hero Bracers (550 Warzone Comms each; 1100 Warzone Comms total)
2 EWH Bracers (1250 Ranked Warzone Comms each, 2500 Ranked WZ Comms total, + WH Bracers)

(ALTERNATELY, if you have BH Comms stored up, you can use those to buy the Campaign Enforcer's Armorings and stick them into your PvP Gear. You will, however, lose the Expertise from the PvP Armoring, but you will get better Cunning and Endurance that will partially make up for it. But in the long run, the EWH Bracer method is best)
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02.14.2013 , 05:30 AM | #3
The expertise i lost post 1150 so you can easily loose 100 expertise by swapping mods round.

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02.14.2013 , 12:46 PM | #4
Question was answered but I think max expertise is the way to go.


2 Tionese peices (Helmet and Chest is what I recommend, yes they look like crap but they're also the most expensive PvP peices).

2 EWH Enforcer Bracers will give you 2 Armorings to put in them and 2 BiS Mods.

The EWH bracers are cheaper than the EWH Chest and Helmet and the only thing you lose is the Enhancement. (You can put a couple 61 BiS enhancements there until EWH gets cheaper).
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