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Wrong Raina Temple got deleted

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Wrong Raina Temple got deleted

FourPawnBenoni's Avatar

02.13.2019 , 05:09 PM | #1
After the 5.10 update, I was left with two Temples. One, was a level 1 and the other was my level 35 who I had gone through the Flashpoint to continue the romance before I advanced to Ossus.

After this week's patch, they deleted my high level Temple and left me with the level 1 which was no longer in a relationship with my character!??

Please explain!

Noerra's Avatar

02.13.2019 , 05:14 PM | #2
This companion reset bug indeed came with the patch and there is a longer thread about it with Bioware reply they are investigating it. You should really post this also on that thread, especially because you have also lost romance tag and that is a big issue i did not see mentioned yet on that thread.

Here is the thread: