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"Good" Dark Side?

ApollosNight's Avatar

02.12.2019 , 09:59 PM | #1
I'm replaying my Inquisitor, and I'm looking to play him as a 'good guy.' My issue is that going pure LS feels too goody-two shoes. Does going neutral have any viability? I know certain story options are different, but how do people react to you? Or is there a way to go Dark Side without people viewing you as a blood-thirsty mongrel? (That's my main concern: going full DS makes you come across as a sadistic person with no regard for anyone else. From a role-playing perspective, my Inquisitor knows this is stupid and would seek to make the Empire better by stopping all the betrayal and backstabbing)

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02.12.2019 , 10:58 PM | #2
Going neutral/near neutral is quite viable with the SI. You even get a neutral specific title at the end if your alignment is neutral.

The LS SI has some morals and honour. The DS one is just power mad puppy kicker. Neutral though comes across as more of a ends justify the means type of character, using threats and violence only as a tool rather than for amusement.

Of course, there's lots of room to head canon even more into there.
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02.12.2019 , 11:18 PM | #3
I've gone neutral. You come off as apathetic. You don't do anything too monstrous, it's more that you don't care what happens to all the people along the way. The balmorran colicoid scientist you kidnap? The neutral option is just to leave for the toxic waste dump. The scientist doesn't get arrested (DS) and doesn't get freed (LS), he just stays with the imps and hates you.

You'll have to take a bit of DS options and a bit of LS options to even things out, as sometimes there are no neutral options. I try to cleave to this 'don't care' approach. So, on Alderaan, Lady Thul calls you up because the organas are attacking. Well, that's her problem [DS], you got the vault key to the relic already. OTOH, on NS there are plenty of opportunities to shock people, like the Bith who has to arrange the earthquake. You CAN shock them, and it's fun, but he'll do it anyway if you flatter him [LS], so why waste the electricity?

Or with the ghosts - it makes no difference in the story whether you bind them or make a deal with them. So maybe with lord 'little snakes' on DK I'll bind him [DS] because he's a jerk, but Kalovish on Taris seems all right, so I'll make a deal with him [LS]. It evens out. And most of the end-game options on Corellia and DK are neutral, so no worries there.

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02.13.2019 , 09:06 AM | #4
Hmm, good to know. So, is it possible for me to end up on the Dark Side of the meter but still have people treat me like a decent bloke? I love the idea of being a decent Dark Side chap who doesn't murder people for the fun of it.

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02.13.2019 , 10:00 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by ApollosNight View Post
Hmm, good to know. So, is it possible for me to end up on the Dark Side of the meter but still have people treat me like a decent bloke? I love the idea of being a decent Dark Side chap who doesn't murder people for the fun of it.
By the time you've finished the story, the meter itself will be dominated by the position of the dark/light toggle(1) rather than your conversation choices, so if you want fine control over the meter, you'll have to flip the toggle back and forth.

(1) Almost anything you do can earn toggle-coloured points:
* Completing class story missions, planetary <Story Arc> missions, Exploration missions, Side missions, heroic missions, bonus missions, daily missions, weekly missions.
* Completing class-companion story conversations.
* Completing crew skill missions (even if your companions are the ones that run the missions).
* Killing foes.

Yes, your most paragonically paragonic paragon-of-the-light Jedi can level up his Light points by slaughtering yellow-name Breaktown vagrants.
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02.13.2019 , 04:05 PM | #6
Really, what you should do if you want to play neutral is to play a couple pvp matches a week. You don't need a lot, and each match gives you 1500+ pts to whatever alignment it's set to. Then you just play the class story how you want, until you end up back at neutral. Rise, repeat.

Just so we're clear: this isn't K2 - while I like to headcanon that alignment is based on reputation, practically no one addresses you differently depending on your alignment.