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Choose alignment when using advancing story option

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Choose alignment when using advancing story option

albeva's Avatar

10.30.2018 , 01:25 AM | #1
First off - super excited about the new update!

However one small niggling tidbit that could have pretty big consequences: when using the option to automatically advance the story - on the stream you mentioned that Imperial players will automatically choose the dark side choices and Republic the light side choices.

Please do not do this. There are many players (me included) who prefer one alignment over the other. For instance I am a loyal Imperial, but all my characters except one are Light V. I am rather proud of that and I enjoy playing "the good guy" despite my chosen faction.

Please BioWare - let us players make our canon as we play and don't punish us for not choosing respective dark or light side of our faction.

When presenting "skip the content" option - give us the option to either continue as Light sided or Dark sided. You can use the alignment toggle that already exists in the game, or heck if you wish to lock it behind the grind - require Light/Dark V before being able to choose.

I am aware I could just go and play the content, but having over 15 alts and having to reply same over is not all that exciting and it is unfair compared to players who choose "proper" alignment and can skip the chunks of the game without any negative impact.