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[Feedback] Regarding R-X affixes on mods, enhancements etc.

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[Feedback] Regarding R-X affixes on mods, enhancements etc.

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09.13.2019 , 04:06 PM | #21
I updated the link in the original post. The list now includes every item except one implant/earpiece. Here you go.

Although it really doesn't pertain this thread, I thought I might answer some questions people were having about the optimal stat distribution.
  • You reach 110% accuracy at 1589-1591. You can play around with it using this formula: Acc%(AccRating)=(30*(1-(1-(0,01/0,3))^((AccRating/75)/2,015)))/100+0,01
  • For specs without alacrity buff the thresholds are at:
    -1,4 GCD | 7,143% | 1213 Alacrity Rating
    -1,3 GCD | 15,385 | 3206 Alacrity Rating
  • For specs with a 3% alacrity buff:
    -1,4 GCD | 663 Alacrity Rating
    -1,3 GCD | 2374 Alacrity Rating
  • For specs with a 5% alacrity or the 5% alacrity guild buff:
    - 1,4 GCD | 331
    - 1,3 GCD | 1895
The way I see it the 1,4 gcd is to be preferred in every case EXCEPT if you have a 5% alacrity buff. Here is the formula for alacrity: =30*(1-(1-(0,01/0,3))^(AlacRating/75)/2,016))
So right now, you would first get the accuracy cap, than the alacrity cap that is best for your spec and than put the rest of your stats in crit.

P.S. I now added a tab in the linked google sheet called "stat formulas", in case any of you are interested in that kind of thing.
Adviesar Edvora Edvieser

Member of <Flawless> raid-team @TulakHord

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09.14.2019 , 04:57 PM | #22
Thank you for the work you've put into this. Assuming I end up attempting to gear up for OPS when 6.0 drops, this will be invaluable.

Wish we'd get some clarification as to the logic behind the amount of modifications we're getting. Was there a thread I missed when the masses of players rose up against the low number of mods available? Who is this system supposed to be fun for?

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09.14.2019 , 10:48 PM | #23
I dunno man, is this a case of company owners telling BW to do this nonsense RNG, or else?

Heaps of ppl r going to be leaving with this kind of mess in 6.0. I for sure will be one of them. Y is gearing being so overcomplicated? The game is about having fun, enjoying ur time with ur group if grouped and content in general. This idea of the game is about gearing is being force fed to us. No! Stop! Id like to enjoy my preferred content (hardmare ops) w/o having to spend stupid amounts of time on getting the right pieces. If i wanna gamble im going to go to a casino, not play an MMO. Sheesh.