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Bugged / Missing Codex for Republic Players

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Story and Lore
Bugged / Missing Codex for Republic Players

Crebris's Avatar

12.23.2016 , 05:47 AM | #321
Just trying to clear all codex on Taris, so am i correct in my assumption that "cathar settlers" is and will always be unobtainable?, according to swtor spy the codex entry was removed with patch 1,5.

If so then **** Bioware/EA for having codexs in this game that cannot be completed to 100%

TheOuroborus's Avatar

10.21.2017 , 08:18 AM | #322
Does BioWare even care about the Codex and how infuriating it is for players that it's not only ridiculously incomplete after all these years, but actually WORSE now?
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