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Clone Wars returning with 12 new episodes #CloneWarsSaved

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Clone Wars returning with 12 new episodes #CloneWarsSaved

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08.09.2018 , 12:15 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by AhsokaTanorules View Post
The return of REAL Star wars at last. Hope they include the fates of Ventress, cad bane and Talzin in this season since I don't read the books or comics.
I'm gonna be a bit selfish and admit that I hope they don't do the Ventress and Talzin arcs for this -- just because I've already read them so I hope this brings new stories I can't find elsewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by solenmars View Post
I hope they rewrite the fate of Ventress because she deserved better than the one I read about.
I mean, anything is possible, but I don't think that would be too likely. (A) Disney seems committed to its "everything we put out is all the same level of Canon" setup, and (B) the Ventress story we got was based on the Clone Wars scripts, which I believe means it was made -- or at least approved -- by this same crew.
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