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Alacrity carnage question

sebakonkol's Avatar

08.05.2020 , 07:34 AM | #1
How to get perfect 20.00% alacrity for Carnage high alac build while maxing out power? For now I use 5x R-1, 2x R-19 and 1x R-18, which gaves me 3725 points, which is 19.99%

3 of R-1 are Sha'tek Quick Savant Package/Implant MK-19, all enhacments mentioned are Nimble

PS: 3726 is 19.99% as well

3727 is 20.00%, and during berserk choke channel is 1.00 sec, now only need to max out power

Equeliber's Avatar

08.05.2020 , 11:51 PM | #2
Can't help but wonder, why are you trying to make such a build?

sebakonkol's Avatar

08.06.2020 , 01:26 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Equeliber View Post
Can't help but wonder, why are you trying to make such a build?
berserk buffs my alacrity by 30%, meaning that it will boost it to 50.00%
%0.00% is 1.0 treashold, which allows me to trigger abillities crazy fast
I tried it with my actual build and some animations, like Ravage, looks like glitched with such speed

phalczen's Avatar

08.06.2020 , 01:28 AM | #4
I presume its because the OP is aiming for a 1s GCD under Berserk.
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08.06.2020 , 01:56 AM | #5
Well, I'm going to assume that because you are trying to max out your power and hit the alacrity goal, without sacrificing accuracy, that you are using Sha'tek Implants and Earpieces instead of the high alacrity Mantellian Efficient ones. They're over a hundred less power so that's probably the right call. They make up 1293 of the alacrity you need, which leaves you with 2434 more you have to have.

So, that assumes you have 4 enhancements left to manipulate the remaining 2434 points. That would mean an average of 608 per enhancement which doesn't exist. Grade 11 purple Advanced 74 augments give 108 tertiary state each. You'll need a minimum of 7 augments (remember one of your 14 augments is an accuracy augment) to bring the total down far enough.

That leaves you with 1678 alacrity rating left to spread over 4 enhancements.

I ran a few combinations ... I'm not all that familiar with doing linear optimization on Excel, but by my estimates, if you can use:
one Nimble R16 with 352 power and 398 alacrity
one Nimble R5 with 324 and 422
two Nimble R2s with 316 and 429

that gives you 1308 power and 1678 alacrity.

So, the final shopping list:
Seven (7) Advanced Alacrity Augment 74s
One (1) Advanced Accuracy Augment 74
One (1) Initiative 80R-1 Enhancement
Two (2) Initiative 80R-18 Enhancements
Two (2) Sha'tek Quick Savant Package MK-19 Implants
One (1) Sha'tek Quick Savant Device MK-19 Earpiece
One (1) Nimble 80R-16 Enhancement
One (1) Nimble 80R-5 Enhancement
Two (2) Nimble 80R-2 Enhancements
Advanced Kyrprax Proficient Stim MK-1 (or MK-2 if you are a biochemist)
Six (6) Advanced Critical Augment 74s
Eviscerating crystals in your sabers

That build only gives you 109+6*108+82 or 839 critical rating, which is only 5.14% critical chance.

If you don't have those exact item modifications, you can substitute any Nimble 80R-whatevers, which will have a little more tertiary stat and a little less power than your target, but the numbers in the Nimble R-whatever have to add to 25 to have enough alacrity in the end.
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sebakonkol's Avatar

08.06.2020 , 05:58 AM | #6
Thank you a lot! Low critical rating is not a problem with crit relic boosting it to almost 4k (and Fanged God Form tactical boosting crit chance by 30%)

There is one more thing, I think that going for 105% accuracy might be better for this build, as I'm not going to use it for HM or NiM operations, and mostly for PvP and casual content

For 105% acc I was using stim + R-19 Initiative enhacment (+392 acc)

sebakonkol's Avatar

08.07.2020 , 07:52 AM | #7
I tried it out on PvP, got voidstar, I was 4th in damage, a bit over 5mil
And we won, I'm pleased of this build

JLazarillo's Avatar

09.18.2020 , 02:47 PM | #8
I managed to pull this off on my Combat Sentinel with a Guild Zeal bonus + Ataru Form + 2337 Alacrity (actually putting it to 20.24%, which I figure is close enough for government work), for what it's worth.

However, this leaves me with a question of my own, because at least as I thought I understood Alacrity, this should make my GCD into 1.2 seconds, and decrease the cooldown of Force Leap to just under 12 seconds (from what I believe should be a base of 15 seconds). However, the game is telling me the Force Leap cooldown is 12.5 seconds. Does this mean I'm misunderstanding how Alacrity scales down times? And/or that it scales down the GCD at a different rate than it scales down cooldown times?

Or is it just that the UI lies? I notice it tells me, for example, that Clashing Blast is on a 7.5 second cooldown, but seems to start counting down from 7.2. And Dispatch says 8.3, but counts down from 8.1.