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Thana Vesh as a companion

vysterian's Avatar

11.19.2017 , 08:49 AM | #541
I would have liked to seen her as the SI's apprentice instead of Ashara, since the Inquistor tells practically everyone that she is the their apprentice and I would have liked to seen her as the SI's apprentice instead of Xalek as well.

Course I killed her because she is cringe inducing and the moment I saw and heard her and that is only a few seconds in I knew I was going to kill her. She needs a lot of work for me at least before I would even consider the idea of using her as a companion. I liked all of the female companions for all of the characters, with Nadia Grell and Ashara and Kira my favorites

DakrLight's Avatar

04.05.2020 , 07:28 PM | #542
What an awful thoughts to make Thana Vesh moral good!

Thana Vesh is excellent in her role. Her style is perfect! I KILLED HER!
She is cool, cruel, but young. She's just a child using The Dark Side Of The Force.

She didn't appreciate my love, So I thought she is useless. In the future she could be a problem for me.... murderous problem. I made decision.

May be, if I would take care of her, help her.... awating She loves me. in that case we have a chance.
But I didn't have enought time for that. It's pitty, it a life.

Concerning moral codex and morality.
We are Sith, indeed! Morality is weakness. It can be used against us.