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6.0 Tank Stats

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11.09.2019 , 11:16 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Berronaxftw View Post
Can you explain what the acronyms mean here? such as M or M/R

I'm just a dumbdumb trying to understand what i'm reading lol
this is near the top of the OP:
These are suggested defense, (d), shield (s) and absorb (a) ratings. format uses fraction melee damage (m) as tabulating header. high melee/ranged bosses would be closer to m=1, and high force/tech bosses are closer to m=0.1
boss_damage*squish - self _heals*heal_buff - heals_received*healer_buff*heal_buff - self_bubble - relic bubble = damage taken. Squish is the fraction of damage taken, so the lower the better. I have assumed 15,000 boss dps for these calcs.

S:Shrouded Crusader (on use shield and absorb)
A: Avoidance (Static Absorb buff)
M: Matrix Shield (Static shield buff)
I: Imperiling Serenity (Defense on Use)
W: Reactive Warding (bubble) - unknown bubble size at this point. Assumed 15000 in sheet, but not reporting.

this is from the assumptions spoiler:

defense d, absorb a, shield s,
fraction m/r+k/e kw (w for weapon), fraction f/tr+k/e kf, fraction m/r i/e ew, fraction f/t +i/e ef,
fraction named fn, fraction bland fb,
damage reduction of k/e dr_k, damage reduction of i/e dr_e, damage reduction of m/r dr_w, damage reduction of f/t dr_f, overall damage reduction dr
rdd is dynamic relic buff to defense rating, rda is dynamic relic buff to absorb rating, rds is dynamic relic buff to shield rating. rsd is static relic buff to defense
parentheses without a * means a function of. like f(x,a,b)=a*x+b

kw_squish(d,s,a)= (0*d+[(1-d)*(1-s)+(1-d)*s*(1-a)]*(1-(dr_k+dr_w+dr)))

squish(d,s,a)= kw*(fn*kw_squish(d)+fb*kw_squish(d+0.1)) + ew*ew_squish + kf*kf_squish + ef*ef_squish

relics: relic_on_squish*time_on+relic_off_squish*time_off
for two on use relics it is assumed to have one relic used then when it loses its buff you use the 2nd relic, both on cd.

sigma= sqrt(sum(probability[ij]*(squish[ij] - squish)^2)
where i runs over kw_named, kw_bland, kf and ef (i thought there was ew damage, but i guess not)
and j runs over defended, resisted, shielded and full hit. note that squish[ij] differs from the squish previously calculated as it is independent of defense, shield and resistance. see the spreadsheet for more detail.

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11.10.2019 , 11:53 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik View Post
this is near the top of the OP:
Oof, me and my reading.. lol

Ty for clarification, even if all this stuff still goes over my smooth brain

But from what I can gather, the goal is to essentially keep shield and absorb at equal ratings? except for PT which looks like it requires 1k more shield at all times, have I got that right?

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11.22.2019 , 03:44 PM | #13
added dxum damage weights to sheet. missing Trandoshan Squad still.