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Deconstructing Crafted Premium Lustrous Synth Bonded Attachments...

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Deconstructing Crafted Premium Lustrous Synth Bonded Attachments...

xbassdominatorx's Avatar

12.14.2019 , 02:19 PM | #1
I used to receive mk-11 slot components almost 95% of the time when deconstructing the Im only getting them 5% of the time. Pretty sure the patch note just stated that deconstructing items will give the proper materials related to the profession 100% of the time. All I have been getting is techfrags / junk / scrap materials.
Just before posting this I was still getting mk-11 slot components. I decon'd 1 and it gave the slot component, then I tried another and it gave junk, and now Ive only been getting junk since. Whats the deal?

I was just able to decon 10 more attachments and receive the mk-11 slot components, but only works now doing 1 at a time.

Void_Singer's Avatar

12.14.2019 , 07:08 PM | #2
I was able to deconstruct stacks of armormech green gather components, and recieved the exact same number of aug slot components.

synth green gather components...
were any of those components previously stored in the materials storage bin? (there was a bug that was supposed to be fixed with that)
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12.15.2019 , 12:46 AM | #3
Yea, they were in the bin. Looks like it wasnt fixed.