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SWTOR Community Guides and Resources - SWTORCGR : Great for New players and Veterans.

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SWTOR Community Guides and Resources - SWTORCGR : Great for New players and Veterans.

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01.30.2016 , 01:11 AM | #41
Best Class Storylines ( Spoiler Free ) in the Class Section, started by DravenEclipse

It is a discussion at Reddit /r/swtor about which class storylines people preferred, the order of preference and why.

Could help people decide which class to choose or what order they want to do them.

My recommendation if you plan on doing all the storylines, is to start with 1 good one to start with so you can see what the game has to offer, then start with the one you think you would like the least and save the best ones for last.

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01.31.2016 , 04:09 AM | #42
Matrix Cube Relic Guide 4.0 ( Stats ) ~ dguy101

was added to the Class and Misc sections.

It shows the up to date 4.0 Stats for the Matrix Cubes.

Ran into this at Reddit /r/swtor.

Made by dguy101

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01.31.2016 , 07:05 AM | #44
SWTORCGR 4.0 - Class Page: 21 more 4.0 Class Guides have been added from

You will find links to the guides Organised by PVE, PVP, DPS, Heal, Tank, Faction, Class - Primary , Advanced and Skill, to make it easier for you to find exactly which class guide your looking for.

The new guides have been labeled as New 1/31/16 for the time they were added to SWTORCGR not the time it was created.

Pub people will be happy to know that there are a lot more Pub class guides within those 21 new guides.


All I got to say WOW and tank you so much Dulfy and the guide writers, you folks have been quite busy. is hands down the best provider for Class guides and provide many other category of guides as well, it stands to reason why Dulfy is a well known name in the SWTOR community.


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02.12.2016 , 12:53 AM | #45
Some info got updated to reflect changes in 4.1, new information and new page was added.

1) Crew Skill - Materials List (Table) 4.1 ( Link )
  • Updated to 4.1
  • Grade 9 Materials Added
  • Craft Components Added

2) Crew Skill Page ( New Links Added ) ( Link )
  • Crafting Changes in 4.1 by EricMusco @
  • SWTOR Crafting Changes in Patch 4.1 by Dulfy @

3) New Page added ~ KOTFE Story Guides ( Link )
  • SWTOR Chapter 10 Anarchy in Paradise Story Guide by Dulfy @ (Has conversation choices)
  • NOTE: More older guides have been added.

SWTORCGR is a community project please share any guides you create or come across in the "Add New Content" area towards the bottom of the relevant sheets or post a reply with the links HERE.

If you see people needing help in game you can tell them to Google search "SWTORCGR" or look for the sticky at the top of the New Player Help section of the forums.


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02.15.2016 , 06:44 PM | #46
Quote: Originally Posted by Dark_song View Post
Just posting my Referral for anyone that likes free stuff
Welcome to the forums.

Wanted to inform you that you need to put your referral link in your signature not replies or posts, refer to the Referral Guide in the following reply.

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02.15.2016 , 07:32 PM | #47
Referral Guide: How to use the Referral Code the right way in the forums.

Added Note People ave gotten banned for improper use of referral codes. Getting un-banned is a very difficult thing. I'd hate if any one got banned for it. This is a friendly warning. Keep in mind this is a highly visible post that moderators keep an eye on, not a smart place to violate forum rules that could lead to stiff penalties.

It's understandable people want to get their referral codes out there. There is a wrong way, right way and better way to do this. Posting your referral code directly to a post with your referral code is the wrong way, do it too many times and it could lead to undesired action from moderators. Putting it in your signature is the allowed and correct way to do this. Helping people out by creating guides or helping people with questions they have while having it in your signature is the best way to go about it. You help someone they are going to be more likely to use your code.

Posting referral links directly in post is not allowed, refer to the quote below:

Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you know that as a part of today's maintenance, we made a change to how referral links work. Now, when you click on someone's referral link, it will prompt you with a confirmation dialog before accepting the referral. This was implemented to help stop any potential "griefing" that could occur from folks spamming their referral links.

In lieu of this change we are going to be lifting some of our forum restrictions around referral links. You are once again allowed to place your referral links in your signatures. However, keep in mind that if you are found to be "spamming" your link around the forums, you can still be actioned. Any type of link spam is not permitted and this includes your referral.

Thank you everyone for your patience as we worked through this. Let me know if you have any questions.


You can use this link to create or change your forum signature:

Best method for getting people to use your referral is:
1) Put it in your signature.
2) Make some guides that help people out
3) When you see people asking questions in the forums help them out with good answers
4) Providing people with information that helps them is the best way to get people to actually use your code and they will see your link in your signature. It's also good to not just provide a link to your code but also a link to the: Benefits and Rules for using Referral Codes

This is the best and proper method of going about it, that helps out the community, you and the people you are hoping will use your code.


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02.17.2016 , 11:12 PM | #48
Quote: Originally Posted by Astacia_Lyn View Post
Here's my referral code

" Link was Edited out of quote"
Just a friendly and last warning i make about this in this post, people have gotten banned for improper use of referral codes. I'd Hate to see you possibly being one of them. Not saying it will happen or not happen but you can go on reddit or in these forums and see where people have posted they got banned because of it.

Doing so right after a guide was made to show the proper way of doing it not a smart move.

I'd remove it before they do.

This is a highly visible post and gets looked at a lot by the moderators not a good place to violate forum rules that could lead to stuff penalties.

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02.22.2016 , 09:38 PM | #49
Great Guide.
Throw my code a click for free stuff! ~
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05.26.2016 , 12:34 PM | #50
This must be my faviourte game