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Vox, a Imperial and Republic Community, Vox Nihili, Vox Aliquid

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Vox, a Imperial and Republic Community, Vox Nihili, Vox Aliquid

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11.16.2019 , 06:17 PM | #1
Welcome to Vox!

Vox Nihili and Vox Aliquid are two Socialite/Rp/Conquest guilds. Ran by two brothers, the Niykari Twins, Their guilds are neither Sith nor Jedi, Imperial or Republic, but each brother has allied a population to each faction, in the works of taking each other down. To this end Viribus and Concordia, both guilds flagships, enter orbit over planets with active conflict zone. offering Direct combat support, Logistics, and Diplomacy to each faction they allied with.

Guilds ranks:
Vox/Vox - Guild Leader
Oculi/Oculi - Second in command
Auribus/Auribus - Third in command
Devourer/Savior - 200k CQ Points
Conqueror/Conqueror - 150k CQ Points
Warlord/Warhero - 100k CQ Points
Marauder/Sentinel - 50k CQ Points
Disciple/Disciple - Joining rank

It is the goal of the Vox that we support one another. Grouping and socialization are strongly encouraged. Heroics, Flashpoints, and Operations are great ways to obtain gear, experience, and social points.

"We claim all nations, all planets, all stars – they are ours." ~ Xazer Niykari, Vox Nihili, Imperial Faction
“Your focus determines your reality" ~ Zotuo Niykari, Vox Aliquid, Republic Faction
"We are soldiers of the Republic, and for that Republic we are willing to die."