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Masterful Utility ''Lightning Barrier'' orb glow effect is now gone in 5.6 !! :(

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Masterful Utility ''Lightning Barrier'' orb glow effect is now gone in 5.6 !! :(

-JE-BLAZAR-'s Avatar

11.28.2017 , 11:30 PM | #1
Hey everyone!
''Lightning Barrier'' is a Masterful Utility, that activates once Static Barrier is casted.
Point is, the effect of having an orb all around you all the time, looked very cool, even if Static Barrier disappears once it hits to much damage.
Now with this update 5.6, once Static Barrier disappears once it gets hit with to much damage, it automatically removes the glowing purple orb of the utility ''Lightning Barrier''.
This seems to be a fix ofcourse, the purpose was always to let lightning barrier be tied to ''Static Barrier'' as long it is active. But......... This was imo a cool and fun bug, I do not care it adds damage to an sorcerer, but.... It made the class look cooler, gave my sorcerer a feeling even if his main shield ''static barrier'' got destroyed, that it gave the cool presentation, that I still mastered a 2nd shield, not as good as first, but you know what I mean... it gives the sorcerer anyways the feeling of power. I REALLY MISS IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! This class got nerfed so much, and in the past all the fun of 6 seconds levitating with FORCE STORM got also removed... I do not care at all about the damage, I play a class about the feeling it gives, even if it is an ''Fata morgana''. Sorry I need to ventilate a bit. But I am so sad about this. This removes again the fun of an class I love so much. And considering our class is super squishy and low DPS, it felt decent to have ''Lightning Barrier'' active even afther ''Static Barrier'' went off. If you wonder why I am so hurt by this, it gave a bit the feeling of this ---->
Can you please bioware help to get it back? I miss it so damn much. I really love to have a permanent shield on this class, and force levitating also if possible for 6 seconds at least! It looks so much cooler, and this class needs its iconic feeling not damaged so much as it is now. Thanks for reading, and I hope you can help to recover this.
Snif, I want it now so much back.

Yours sincerely,

-JE-BLAZAR-'s Avatar

11.28.2017 , 11:48 PM | #2
Btw can Static Barrier, not be made into a shield that is for 30 seconds active but does not absorb all damage, but lowers an certain % of all incoming damage for 30 sec?? I would love to have that more instead of an weak shield that absorbs only a certain amount of damage and then gets removed. And is most of the time only like less then 10%* of the time around in a fight. --> (* = less then 3 seconds...sometimes just less then 1 second if you get a powerful blow, where is the fun in that? It does not give a fun feeling for an sorcerer for me anyways. Why do I still have a shield then? In Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy, force armor also stays active as long as it is activated, also when you fight the emperor in ''the force unleashed'' he has these cool phases where he floats and is in an force lightning bubble, and that looks all so cool. Can you please help with getting this to this class bioware, it feels so iconic to float and have a permenant shield casted when you do force lightning. --> I miss this now so much it should be longer around, not instant removed almost all of the time )
So to rephrase it: Can Static Barrier, not be transformed into an shield that lowers the incoming damage for 30 seconds?
In that way the cool look of an shield stays around.

Makkoo's Avatar

11.29.2017 , 08:33 PM | #3
not only that... most of my short cast (lightning bolts, crushing darkness) don't show on the cast bar anymore... you hit the key and hope the cast started...
The Harbinger Empire

Yezzan's Avatar

01.07.2018 , 05:46 AM | #4
it looks cool on one sorc, but when you have a team of sorcs, it hurt the eyes, and trust me, despite the cry about sorc DPS, there are sorcs EVERYWHERE. I've run a full team of Inquisitors: Assassin tank, 2 Sorc DPs and a Sorc healer. We had no issues.