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Sage ability question....

-Sendric-'s Avatar

12.29.2011 , 07:02 PM | #1
So I have a sort of theory crafting question for anyone who may know something or two about healing as a Jedi Sage...

As of now, I have two instant cast abilities I use often as a healer, rejuvenate (HoT) and force armor (shield).

because the tool tip on force armor doesnt specify exactly how much damage it absorbs, I'm curious about the real-world instant gains in using each of these abilities, or which buys me the most time...

Does the shield automatically absorb more damage instantly than the HoT heals for instantly? does it shield ALL damage up to it's capacity, or lesser amounts for a few hits (example: if shield absorbs 500 damage, and the mob hits for 400 a hit, does it absorb all damage from the first hit, and only 100 of the second? or does it absorb 250 from the first hit, and 250 for the second)

I guess the simplest example would be: You see a friend at 1% percent health being whacked by a wild wraid! do you A. hit rejuvenate hoping they can survive one more hit and you can charge something bigger, or B. pop shield hoping it will absorb all incoming damage for long enough to charge something bigger....

I know thats a lot of text for something relatively insignificant, but my curiousity has got the better of me, and work is boring...


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12.29.2011 , 07:23 PM | #2
It shields all damage to its capacity. Should be your oh **** and your apply to buy time ability.

If you spec it, it absorbs 2500 damage.
and the answer is shield, hot, little heal big heal... rinse repeat as needed.
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