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buggy the critical rates

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buggy the critical rates

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01.15.2021 , 12:35 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Harkagon View Post
I didn't really speak about efficiency at all. Just told my observations about crit rate texts. They don't match each other and one of them is wrong.
then if they don't match it's a typo;.

Companions at rank 50 get a +25% crit chance. I usually crit around 30-40% on my rank 50 companions when crafting.
This of course won't change the Deconstruct % for getting higher schematics. That is a flat % depending on the schem your attempting to get.
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01.18.2021 , 03:05 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Toraak View Post
Companions don't get a 75% crit rate. They get a +75% efficiency. Efficiency speeds up the time it takes to craft.
Companions get a +25% chance to crit at rank 50.
Sorry, but I can't admit - when I open the crew skill window, and than open a crafting window for the 50 companion, you can read:

75% time efficiency for crew skill tasks
80% critical rate for crew skill tasks

So there IS a critical rate AND a efficiency rate ...