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Arsenal merc no more playable?

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12.04.2017 , 03:08 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Jevaruss View Post
The critical rate on blazing bolts/boltstorm seems to be weirdly high at the moment as well. Had around a 65% crit rate on boltstorm on average in HM TfB last night. Doubt it's because I had 6 lucky pulls in a row.. Noticed your parse has around 65% on BB which is well higher than the older arsenal parses.

(Also I haven't installed any of the new augments yet so that can't be a factor for me.)
yeah that has to be part of the new "ghost" set bonus that was accidentally introduced.
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12.04.2017 , 04:19 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoppinswtor View Post
yeah that has to be part of the new "ghost" set bonus that was accidentally introduced.
Is it just me, or does it almost seem like it is every class that was not affected by the double stance bug is now benefiting from this? Merc, sorc, sniper... can't remember if pt was affected or not (since it seems like that is now too)
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12.04.2017 , 10:19 PM | #13
I know some assassin tanks that have the new ghost set bonuses as well, at leasthe the 1% self heal. And I also know sin tanks benefited from the double stance bug as well.

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12.06.2017 , 07:36 AM | #14
blazing bolts hits really hard right now thanks to the bug

in pvp 2 merc/commandos can easily insta kill all classes thanks to it

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01.14.2018 , 07:01 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by JessieStar View Post
I've started to play Arsenal Mercenary just now, but compared to some other classes it's heat [energy] management is insane. Heat builds up very fast. Heard other people also complaining about that. Seems like arsenal mercs are forced to keep alacrity stat at low percentage (just over 8%).

an vet merc player ( 6 years) i have no idea what u mean heat [energy] management is insane nowadays its a piss take I'm guessing for u its L2P issue doesn't mean this offensive way but it takes time to learn to play any class mercs have one of easiest rotation in game and once u have gear sorted its easily as for alacrity it all depends on play style of the player

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01.14.2018 , 07:55 PM | #16
Arsenal is competetive in PvP, both ranked and unranked. For PvE, the case is different.

Arsenal is completely viable in all HM/VM-Operations and, of course, everything below of that. You can easily 4-Merc everything. There is no encounter with DPS requirements, that 4 Mercs are unable to reach.

For NiM/MM-Content, the situation is kind of different. There are some fights, where DPS-requirements are similar to Styrak VM. These fights shouln't cause any problems. There are some fights, where different types of mechanics are required. Mercs are offering range, good AoE-Damage, insanely good survivability, easy target switching. In encounters, where these stuff is required/helpful, Mercs viable or even one of the best choices. However, Arsenal is not the best choice in fights, where high sustained DPS are required.

in terms of heat/energy management: It's just a l2p issue. Filler with rapid-shots instead of Tracer Missiles when you are above 20% heat and no energy cooldown is available. (Filler = Tracer, that does not proc Blacing Bolts). Most of the classes/specs have to deal with it. Just imagine AP PT without rapid-shots. That would be insane.
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