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Can we remove Cell graphics?

drug_cartel's Avatar

04.13.2018 , 06:01 PM | #1
Back in the day, Cells were toggles and we had multiples to choose from, so it sort of made sense to have a visual indication of which one you were using.

Now they've all been converted to Passives, and you can only have one option. It is an essential piece of your class abilities, and it cannot be turned off. So it no longer requires a visual indication that it is on. If you are the class, then it is on.

What I've noticed though is that I can spend ridiculous amounts of credits and Cartel Coins on cool looking pistols, rifles, and assault cannons, and then augment them with cool looking tunings, and not be able to see any of it during combat because a huge glowing barrier appears around my weapon as a part of a passive ability.

Other classes don't have their weapons covered up because of their passives. Being in healing stance does not put a series of green rings around a lightsaber, for example. This is only a thing that happens to Troopers/Bounty Hunters.

Some people might like those cell graphics, and that's fine. But since it is a non-optional passive, could we at least have an ability to toggle that graphic off.

Gyronamics's Avatar

04.29.2018 , 03:25 PM | #2
It does however tell other players what spec you are without you doing anything.

For better or worse.

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GeoCacher's Avatar

04.29.2018 , 08:29 PM | #3
I'm with the OP. Can them! I have always disliked these graphics.