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GSF Changes in 5.9.2

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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06.10.2018 , 10:21 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by ForfiniteStories View Post
[Strikes] can do everything any other ship can do, but better.
They can't kill stuff from 15000 m range because they don't have a railgun. They can't quickly kill ships while fighting on a satellite because they don't have burst laser cannons.

Quote: Originally Posted by ForfiniteStories View Post
It doesn't matter how high your evasion is our how good your shields or armor are. If a SF simply breathes in your general direction, you are erased in an instant.
A gunship should keep its distance from the strike and kill it safely with railguns. A scout should stick very close to the strike and kill it with burst laser cannons. Strikes weapons are mostly ineffective below 3000m. Strikes with LLC or RFL can still be dangerous, but with smart use of cooldowns and LoS, the scout has the advantage.

I think Strikes have really good balance and build variety right now. I agree that bombers could use some help though.

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06.11.2018 , 12:06 AM | #32
I felt I really needed to come in and say just how good Siraka's posts are they are so on point it's like he's saying exactly what I'm thinking.

I don't currently play T2 Scout in Domination (because it just isn't a playstyle I enjoy) but I can definitely attest to how powerful they are in Domination right now. I'm not sure they are the absolute best in all scenarios but they are definitely a tip top part of the meta.

Great posts Siraka!
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06.11.2018 , 04:30 PM | #33
Re: Skill cap complaints.

Well, it is a lot easier to lock on with torpedoes than it used to be. The skill cap has definitely gone down there. Possibly even a little bit too much. They're better than Concussion Missiles used to be, which is more than even I was asking, and I was leading the charge for the combination of a Distortion missile break nerf + working missiles as much as anyone was.

On the whole though, I think the skill cap complaints are more about the effects, mostly in solo queues, of how the balance changes affected the ability of pilots operating near the skill cap to swing games by hopping in a: T2 scout, T1 gunship or a T3 gunship, and maybe to a significantly lesser extent a minelayer.

Those meta ships that got nerfed hard aren't really significantly less complex to play in terms of skill, they're just a lot less effective. Which was sort of the whole point.

Missile locks do feel a bit easy mode compared to the old days, but the people complaining about skill cap reduction aren't complaining that missiles are too easy for them to use (they generally weren't using them much before the balance pass), but that they have to actually put a lot of effort into not getting hit by other people's missiles.

Overall, I'd say the skill cap has crept up somewhat, especially as a team game. There are more threats, more components, more combinations, and more types of ships that you have to know how to deal with.

Still, I wouldn't be bothered if they tinkered with torpedo lock times, bumping them up say 0.1 to 0.3 seconds (I really don't think torps need to be quicker than 2.5 to 2.7 seconds before bonuses from a magazine), or if the T2 scout got a minor buff and the T3 GS and minelayer got smallish moderate buffs.

They're not strike level terrible in the old sense, but they do feel a little underwhelming compared to most ships. I think though that really the core complaint is that they feel underwhelming compared to how they felt before the balance pass. I.e. they're not wildly overpowered anymore.

In terms of ship popularity I can see that there's some effect in popularity. The reason being that strikes are now good enough that if you choose them as your starter ship class ( which is common because of X-wing coolness factor ), there's really not a lot of reason to move to another ship class unless you want to. Before, having a battlescout, a T1 or T3 gunship, and a minelayer on your bar was pretty much mandatory if you really wanted to be competitive. The balance was off so badly that the game pretty much forced you to have those ships, gear those ships, and learn to fly them reasonably well. They are still useful in ways that strikes can't be, but for any particular individual there's no reason to step out of the Starguard or Rycer as long as some players are willing to take other ship classes as needed.

In PUGs this can lead to no one stepping out of their strikes, but against a team that knows what it's doing in terms of ship selection, that all strike team is going to be at a significant disadvantage compared to team with well chosen ship diversity.

GSF is fundamentally designed as a team game. For a team, there are compelling reasons to have diversity of ship class, and you have to be collectively a bit nuts to forgo the advantages that scouts, gunships, and bombers bring that strikes simply don't have the components to be able to provide. I speak as someone that primarily solo queues, but if you stay out of GSF as a team game you're missing more than half of what the game has to offer, and that includes more than half of the fun.
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06.13.2018 , 08:13 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by BretHoffman View Post

Matches should be much more fairly matched across the board after these changes are put into place. This, admittedly, does not cure every ill caused by premade groups of highly skilled player. But it should help to mitigate the issues and improve the quality of matches across the board.
Does this mean that I won't be facing off against U.S. Top Gun pilots match after match?
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06.14.2018 , 02:09 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Lendul View Post
Yep premades will still be able to rolfstomp people into not queing except now when it dies it will be dead for both factions not just one. This will also put an end to the "but I switch" defense as well.
Exactly this ^. I like the idea of cross-faction. Proposed matchmaking though really side-steps the uber-premades killing the queues though. Imagine if uber premades would be split 2 on each side how much more effective match-making would be though. Sure, I like flying with my friends but wouldn't mind flying with a different single friend every other war if I get a better balanced match out of it. I'm not one of those people who is afraid to play without having 3 super elites covering my butt. Potentially cross-faction WITH the proposed match-making could actually kill the queues quicker than without match-making. If we had a very large number of players queueing, however, then it could work.

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07.24.2018 , 12:51 PM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by NeoBlakkrstal View Post
Does this mean that I won't be facing off against U.S. Top Gun pilots match after match?
Oh, they'll still be there. Just not all on one team.

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07.28.2018 , 05:41 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by ALaggyGrunt View Post
Oh, they'll still be there. Just not all on one team.
Actually, they still will be there, and they will still also be on one team (the 4 man premade team). Just that if you are queuing solo you may not be on the team opposite them every match, there would be a chance you'd be on a team with them. But the team with the top-gun premade will still win nearly 100% of the time, your win rate may get closer to 50% in that scenario.

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07.29.2018 , 08:02 PM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by Stellarcrusade View Post
Actually, they still will be there, and they will still also be on one team (the 4 man premade team). Just that if you are queuing solo you may not be on the team opposite them every match, there would be a chance you'd be on a team with them. But the team with the top-gun premade will still win nearly 100% of the time, your win rate may get closer to 50% in that scenario.
Something tells me people will give the new matchmaker a couple of chances before falling back into the old pattern of "see premade, leave."

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09.08.2018 , 06:43 PM | #39
Has anyone considered incorporating flagships with gsf, like using them as the spawn points in a match? Now that we're getting guild vs guild challenges, it would be cool to make use of our flagships, and maybe get some perks with them too. Perhaps it would only work in it's own game mode, similar to holding pois for points, except tue sattelite is actually the other team's bridge.
Example of map changes: at each end of the map an extension is added to fit the hull of the flagship. For each expansion unlocked of the flagship would place a point of interest (POI) hat has different perks of abilities and flagship defenses
Ie. An engineering bay places a poi where allies can go to for repair, hangar deck poi could be used be used to reload secondary weapons, and once destryed, would extend the timer for respawning, crew deck expansions would increase a number of defensive pois spread out on the ship, and the command deck poi would trigger an effect that would allow the enemy capital to open fire on the other.
It may be better to run this match similar to void star, where each team has a round of opportunity to assault their opponents capital.

Another Option is to use systems similar to the conquest mode of the classic star wars battlefront 2 game and have individual system pois to target and destroy: shields, communications, turret defenses, etc. Shields would have to go down first, turretz optional but not dealing with them means periodic damage to your starfighters, with destruction of engines, bridge, communications would end the round as win for the offensive, the team with the most detroyed pois of the 3 priority targets wins, followed by turrets and player deaths to resolve ties.

As the starfighter community is small, this may be wishful thinking, but if the idea were used as a pve scenario it could attract more players (sort of like galaxy of heroes where you don't actually fight pvp, but you do battle other player's squads, the only way of keeping your rank up is to play.