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URC 20- XX: 1v1 Tournament Sat 28th November 7pm GMT

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URC 20- XX: 1v1 Tournament Sat 28th November 7pm GMT

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11.16.2020 , 04:19 PM | #1
URC 20- XX!: 1v1 Tournament Saturday 28th November 7pm GMT- Darth Malgus (EU)

The last event was a huge success with many people saying it was one of the best tournament in years, so, we're back again with the quickest return in URC history!

For those of you who missed out on the last event, the replay is available here!

This event will be taking part on Nar Shadda.

Forum rules, unfortunately, don't allow me to list the main prize but needle$$ to $ay, it'$ 50% of the la$t time.

Shek is later than a 9-month pregnant lady so he's being replaced. Who can replace Shek? The one and only Miicky, the canny lad with the best hair on twitch, haway Miicky.

Tournament format is changing this time around, assuming suitable levels of signups. The last event was great and I really think the loser bracket allows players to make a comeback works well. Because of this, there will be 24 slots in the main bracket with another 8 reserved for the players who lose their first match to fight their way back in.

All fights in the first bracket will be BO3, loser bracket is BO1, finals and semi-finals are also BO3

THERE IS NO OPERATIVE BRACKET. Due to the time constraints, it's just not happening. I know, I loved them too but most operatives were dual signups and we want this to take 3-4 hours which isn't possible with the operative bracket.

Looking over the last two events it seems clear that some classes need a little bit of love in order to make the fights more compelling, interesting and fair.

Because of that the following classes WILL BE ALLOWED TO USE MEDPACS:

Marauder / Sentinel

Juggernaut / Guardian

Powertech / Vanguard

Hopefully, this will help even the odds out for those classes, and we'll continue to monitor class performance to make tweaks to the rules where necessary.

One more significant change is the banning of guild perks. During the last event, it became very clear that guild perks could have a major impact on the outcome of the duels and you aren't even able to see if characters are under the effects of their benefits. Because of this, all competitors will need to /gquit at the start of the event to ensure no shenanigans. I understand this is an inconvenience to the people taking part and I ask for their support with this rule.

It's still going to be first come first served (with plenty of space for standby players) but please understand that we want to make this the best tournament possible so some places maybe jiggled around but I will do my best to keep the first sign-ups in place.

We'll be using discord for the event and if people are unable to sign up via the forums pop on over to my discord channel where you can add your name.

During the previous events, some competitors have been spammed with various types of invites. These can now all be disable via settings as you can see here and here

For prizes, we have a bunch of cartel coins up for grabs courtesy the lovely people at BioWare, and we also have a load of random prizes and the top placed players will all be receiving a share of the credit pool!

If people have any credits / cartel things they'd like to donate please let me know in game - any donations for prizes would be greatly appreciated and recognised during the broadcast.


24 spots are available for now, we'll do our best to accommodate everyone but we reserve the right to make some adjustments to the format if necessary.

URC 20- XX!

Rules: IF YOU SIGN UP WE EXPECT YOU AT TO BE ONLINE AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE START-UP TIME. If you are not present you may lose by default
Date: Saturday 28th November - 7pm GMT
Location: Nar Shadda (competitors and donators will be invited)
Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place will all receive prizes. Players who make it out of the opening brackets will also receive a prize.

URC #20:
Signup Sheet: Signups so far
Anyone who would like to donate credits / prizes for the tournament please get in touch with in game: Snave - Darth Malgus or via PM on the forums

Prize Pool so far:

2400 Cartel Coin codes
450 Cartel Coin codes
Pet codes
Random Decorations
Random Companion Acquisitions
Random Cartel Packs
Random Tunings
Random Armour
Random Mounts
Unlimited Thrill Hunting!

Credit Pool: Need donations

We'll also be giving away more random thrilling prizes to the audience watching live!


*Initial fights will be randomly assigned.


*Only one character sign up per person.
*DPS specs only - NO TANK SPECS.
*No guild perks - Players must gquit prior to any duels.
*No use of Medpacks / Adrenals / Grenades or ANY other consumables with the exception of Stims.
*Rocket Boots / Mounts are not allowed.
*Failure to show up in time for the duel will result in disqualification.
*Server transfers are welcome to sign up.
*No companions / external help.
*Stealth vs Stealth fights will begin with both players out of stealth Wizbasky style.

Life warden is NOT allowed.
Sins can vanish regen ONCE if they have the double vanish tactical.
Tactical swapping mid-round is NOT allowed. Between rounds is fine.

The format and rules are subject to change. Any changes will be made as visible as possible.

If you're interested please type the character you wish to enter on / class / spec / faction below and I'll update the spreadsheet as we go along.


Out of respect, please do not re-stream, rehost or rebroadcast this event. Participants doing so will be removed from the event.


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11.17.2020 , 07:43 AM | #2
Jerycho / gunslinger / republic


11.19.2020 , 10:27 AM | #3
Nv / Juggernaut

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11.19.2020 , 07:26 PM | #4
wish naevi best of luck : 3
Quanny Quanny Quanny
Swtor PvP Youtube Channel : 3

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11.24.2020 , 09:43 AM | #5
Davo Stark - Mercenary / IO(newbie) - Empire


11.24.2020 , 01:12 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by SONICMOTT View Post
Nv / Juggernaut
/ Operative / Nv

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11.25.2020 , 07:55 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by snave View Post
THERE IS NO OPERATIVE BRACKET. Due to the time constraints, it's just not happening. I know, I loved them too but most operatives were dual signups and we want this to take 3-4 hours which isn't possible with the operative bracket.

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11.30.2020 , 07:58 AM | #8
It seems Tournament was cancelled, unless it was broadcasted in private.

Just saying making a note here of its cancelation would have been a touch of education and respect to those who follow these tournaments.


That being said with a pandemic going on and all being difficult I hope everything is alright within the Snave camp!