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Starparse push and pull timers on Revan after 5.9.3

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Starparse push and pull timers on Revan after 5.9.3

Nikka_Fryya's Avatar

10.19.2018 , 07:24 AM | #1
Hello guys,
Our raid teams has had trouble with timers on Revan HM after patch 5.9.3. Push and pull timers seem to be completely off but heave is working fine. Does anyone else have such problems or a possible solution to that?

mrphstar's Avatar

10.19.2018 , 07:38 AM | #2
same here. not sure what causes this, but the devs probably removed a certain event which triggered the build-in timers correctly.

i made a custom timer and do the calls for the raid, works pretty good.

you want a timer triggered by any ability you dont use up to the point were you break revans shield. set the timer to 15secs, no repeats. thats when the first push starts.
you want a 2. timer similar to the first one, which is set to 30secs, with repeats for the pull.

and you need a third timer, set to 30secs with repeats triggering on the end of the first push.
when his shield breaks, you instantly use said ability to start the first 2 timers.

i recommend a non-GCD ability so you got no delay between the breaking shield and waiting for you GCD to come off. a small DCD you wont use till that point but wanna use at the core again will do the trick( make sure you check "no repeated triggers" for the first two timers).
remember not to use that skill in the whole fight unless you wanna trigger your timers.

hope this helps.
could upload some screen shots later if needed.

Nikka_Fryya's Avatar

10.21.2018 , 03:02 PM | #3
thx, works perfectly