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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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09.06.2018 , 11:59 PM | #9541
Quote: Originally Posted by RiChess View Post
MM Hammer Station. Q in as heals....
Thankfully for me those are rare one-offs. They didn't queue up correctly so it wasn't your fault. Most MM FP pugs are great, but I've had a few like this.

The ones I hate are when the other 3 are guild mates. They don't know the FP that well and usually follow the tank like he's the guild shaman and insist on doing silly ritual crap that makes no sense (i.e. los in unnecessary places). If you dare suggest something different to them, they all turn on you and out comes the votekick. For some reason I get those in the late, late evenings.

The biggest one I'll never forget was MM Hammer also. At the first set of turrets before the bridge, as the healer, I immediately stunned the far turret and ducked to the side behind the little wall. OMG I pulled before the tank and stunned a turret. You'd think I committed murder. During the whole fight nothing but nastiness. We were fighting ONE turret. ONE! I kept everyone healed above 95% but i was kicked right after the last turret was destroyed. I think one of them typed "Did you just do that?" like they were completely shocked the healer stunned before the tank pulled. Again, not a large group here, 1 turret. And chill purest. We're talking Hammer, and not a critical spot.
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09.13.2018 , 02:58 PM | #9542
Quote: Originally Posted by Ayushman View Post
You should trust your gut, specially when doing harder content. The goods, the bads and the weirds of pug have their own ways of showing off. You know no communication, breaking cc every time, starting convo with attacks or meaningless jokes, whole party attacking trash etc. Its your time, should you choose to push through instead quiting then no point in complaining, mate.
I haven't run into the bolded often but I did encounter that recently. Me & a guildie queued for a flashpoint as we said hello in the beginning some random nitwit who neither of us had ever met, replied with insults.

I don't get that, unless the intent was to get us to drop so they could pull out companions. (It was Vet mode)

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09.30.2018 , 04:16 PM | #9543
Two this time around. No, three.

This was a week or two ago. Crisis on Umbara MM, jumped in to find a group at the last boss. Wiped once, but then crushed it. Turns out they had been at the spider walker for 90 minutes wiping constantly.

Lost Island MM, from the beginning. First boss went down without trouble and as did Lokin, but Project Sav-Rak... well, let's break it down.
  • Wipe 1 was due to Sav Rak Smash knocking everyone away because we didn't realize we were supposed to be inside his hitbox (sans me for Hold the Line.)
  • Wipe 2 same thing.
  • Wipe 3 we decided to let tank take him at edge and move to middle for Sav Rak Smash, but that didn't work out.
  • Wipe 4 we lost one at a 3rd Smash and came within 50k of beating him.
  • Wipe 5 same as 1 and 2.
  • It took six tries to finish him off.

Hammer Station VM. Came across a guy with nothing in his gear... no mods, no nothing. He had no head slot, and no bracers slot. And he was level 44. A Guardian, with the starter lightsaber. Turns out he didn't know how to use outfit designer and used that gear because he thought it looked cool and couldn't decide which to wear - luckily, he had some story gear with stats. Another group member took him to fleet afterward to show him the adaptive gear vendor and mod vendors.

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10.03.2018 , 08:20 AM | #9544
So this just happened.

I'm on my Deception sin and queue for a random HM FP. It pops and we got Lost Island. As soon as we zone in, healer DC'ed. We give him a few minutes to come back, but he never does. So we're left with a sniper, a jug tank and me.
Tank is new to this FP and tells us so that's fine. We kill the 1st boss with a comp then move to the droid. Obviously we wipe since comp doesn't get out of lava. After 2 wipes we got a remplacement heal (sorc), but the other DPS DC. We requeue and got a Hatred sin as remplacement. We kill the boss no problem even though I notice very few dots on the boss.

Going to 3rd boss, I try to explain mechanics, but tanks jump on the boss. He get thrown off the plateform after the 1st sa'vak (I don't know how it's called exactly). We continue the fight. When the boss jumps on a vent, Hatred sin goes full spastic, running around while healer and I click on consoles. We wipe. Before pulling again, I try to give assignations so that hatred sin won't be spastic again. Pretty much works till tank decides he doesn't need to follow mechanics and dies. 3rd pull : pretty much the same thing. Tank randomly decides he does not need to follow mechanics and hatred sin being spastic. 4th pull, I try to explain the fight once again but hatred sin decides to pull out of the blue. Tanks manages to get the boss pretty much under control and follow mechanics, hatred sin almost stops being spastic (he dies at the end from the sa'vak).
Bonus boss : hatred sin decides he doesn't need to follow mechanics
Final boss : I try explaining the fight to the tank, hatred sin decides to pull. Fight is a mess, tank obviously doesn't know what to do, hatred sin doesn't look like he knows either.

All in all, horrible FP even though I quite enjoy this one.
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10.10.2018 , 11:10 AM | #9545
Yes, Lost island is a festival, even now that it has seemingly been made easier. Of all the times I've tanked it, it was rare the instance where the group doesn't wipe to either:
a) dps dropping grey aoes next to rest of group on droid boss
b)scoundrels getting tossed off platform on sav-rak ("but I have hunker down" -yeah, on cooldown)
c) melee dps on last bossrunning in front of the T when "doctor rakghoul" is going about having tricks up his sleeves - I would have chalked it up to having autorun toggled, but i happens too frequently ...
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10.11.2018 , 09:50 AM | #9546
Double XP seems to have brought all the oddballs out of the woodwork.

Had a vet Cademimu pop, two lvl 70's a lvl 50-something and a lvl 21 tank. Everyone says their "hellos" and the tank immediately complains that there is no healer. We shrug it off as a) it's vet and b) there's two of us capable of off-healing if it starts to hit the fan.

Which it did. Tank pulls groups of trash I didn't even know existed. It was like he went out of his way to find packs of mobs to kill. Skip the champion droids? Well, that would be too easy, wouldn't it?

He managed to pull the trash after the shortcut from slicing the door (complete with champ droid), plus the second champ droid and the trash in the two adjoining rooms. He kinda melted, then while he was dead whinged about how no one helped low level players these days and he was sick of carrying groups. Er, yes. You and your lvl 21 guardian are totally carrying us, let's just finish this FP so you can add to your 225 achievement points and move on.

Somehow we killed all of the mobs without a wipe and while people were recovering, I said "If you didn't keep pulling unneeded trash, you wouldn't need so much off healing and wouldn't die so much".

Well, I think I triggered him, because he let loose with a tirade about how rude I was in group chat, asking me if I spoke to my mother like that. This was followed up with the most hilarious whispers when he died on Officer Xander (he got blown up), Captain Grimyk (death by flamethrower) and General Ortol (stood in the fire), not even kolto could keep this guy up. I got called everything from a common prostitute to a Taiwanese ladyboy . He was still going as I handed in the mission on the Fleet, getting more and more outraged because I refused to rise to the bait and answer him.

Another name to add to my ignore list, I only wish it was legacy-wide so I didn't have to go through the hassle of ignoring him on all my Pub's.

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10.20.2018 , 07:01 AM | #9547
Having recently returned after a years-long break, I learned the hard way that I have much to learn about how the game works now... But that some things never change.

Also, glad to see this is still going.

I lost most of my names - all save 3 on a 30+ characters list - and decided to consolidate my legacy, seeing also that I don't have the time to play everything, and that the new gearing system is very punishing of alts, due to RNG dependance. As such, I kept my mains - who managed to maintain their names after the merge - grabbed all useful things off my alts, and deleted them, making myself 8 brand new characters of all classes at lvl 1, with the intention of seeing how the game is now.

Well, the disappearance of stances made it mandatory for me to purchase the field respec at the very least on every character I planned of turning into a Tank, as being stuck with that at lvl 40- kind of makes it tough if Lady Luck decides to give you FPs that are on the later part of the story. Looking at you, Blood Hunt...

Back before that change I could just turn DPS stance on and play it that way, but now I cannot anymore, so after a bloody bad attempt with me and a lvl 70 Tank and two DPS whose classes I cannot remember, but with similar lvl to the other Tank, I asked them to kick me so they could continue, even though they were more than willing to carry me - something I refuse on the principle that it's not right for me to do so.

Another thing I noticed is that if you queue for a random FP, you always end up in things of that lvl spectrum before lvl sync, 50+. After my character reached a proper lvl, 65, I decided to give it a try and run a few FPs as Tank. Well, it was always either the Czerka ones, Blood Hunt - about once every 3 FPs, at this point I could pretty much nightwalk through it - Legacy of the Rakata or the Manaan one. Never have I had anything other than those.

That said, I did have a weird moment in my second attempt at Blood Hunt - former Tactical, I think it's Veteran now? - when I was about lvl 68...
There my Guardian was called undergeared - regardless of Bolster, which should level the field AFAIK - and I received a few unpleasant whispers from a DPS Shadow that simply refused to acknowledge that I had previous knowledge of the FP when I warned people of things like the pushes on Jos and Valk.

It's true, some things never change.
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11.07.2018 , 04:55 PM | #9548
Guild SM Ravagers via the Group Finder we are missing one healer so I ask on the fleet and a Sage whispers me almost instantly, they join and we enter. The first three bosses go ok though I do notice that there is no Salvation, Healing Trance or Wandering Mend.
We get to Master and Blaster, we have a DwT as the second tank so quite a lot of healing is going to be needed when Master spawns, first pull is a disaster mainly my fault due to not being fast enough on healing the DwT.
Second pull I say I will focus on the DwT with my commando healer if the sage can keep the rest of the group up which shouldn't be too hard, pretty much as soon as master spawns raid members start dying and we wipe.
I have called the Sage out on the above after the first wipe to which they reply that I need to look closer so I decide to put them on focus target and that is when I see all they are doing is spam casting Deliverance nothing else when it is on cooldown there is an occasional Benevolence but no Salvation or Healing Trance and I think I saw maybe two Walking Mend the whole fight.
I call them out again and am told replace me then and Sage proceeds to leave group, I whisper and tell them I had them on focus target and could see exactly what they were doing or not doing, the reply 'you are a *obscenity* idiot' and then I am placed on ignore.
Got a guilde healer in and cleared it and the last boss first time.
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11.08.2018 , 06:58 PM | #9549
hint: if you let 1 tank (even vanguard) who knows what a def cd is take both its easier to heal
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11.09.2018 , 09:48 AM | #9550
Quote: Originally Posted by Zerileth View Post
The ones I hate are when the other 3 are guild mates. They don't know the FP that well and usually follow the tank like he's the guild shaman and insist on doing silly ritual crap that makes no sense (i.e. los in unnecessary places). If you dare suggest something different to them, they all turn on you and out comes the votekick.
I returned to this game yesterday after a few months of absence and found myself in the exact situation you described.
Not going to give their names, gonna cut them some slack because they are beginners and lack experience - i know they were beginners because they had no buffs except the one from their classes & no achievements whatsoever.
Still it would be nice if people would stop los-ing all HS and attacking cc-ed mobs & turrets.
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