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Character naming - Zabrak

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12.14.2011 , 10:26 PM | #1
So, one of the great parts of not getting into EGA yet (yes I am trying to stick to the positive side of things here), is that I have been lurking on this and other RP forums and have decided to create a Zabrak Jedi Consular (Shadow tank) on one of the RP-PVE West servers. The descriptions of the gaming experience have me excited to take my gaming in a new and exciting direction.

My biggest issue has to do with the name of my character. I have been reading numerous websites regarding background info for my character and there are many opinions about how a Zabrak woman should be named. The most common post regarding female names is "many females take their name from the Triz animal species." Now, this lacks the variety I was hoping for, and I could not find much info about the Triz, so I went in a different direction. I found a few Zabraki dictionary/translation posts and came up with some names based upon the words that they were using.

So, I guess this question is to those with more RP experience than I have. Would it be ok to name my Zabrak character with an apostrophe with all or part of their name coming from one of the Zabraki words from these language websites?

So, would the name Da'Sash (or Da'sash if I cannot have two capital letters) be within acceptable naming conventions for a Zabrak woman from an RP perspective? In this example I would want my nickname to be Sash and I was going to use the apostrophe to emphasize that preference. I also believe that the apostrophe would help people pronounce my name if they could not actually here me speak. In case you are intellectually curious, this would roughly translate to "new dance".

Due to people going nuts over names, this is not the name I intend to use, but suits my example. Any comments, feedback, thoughts would be greatly appreciated, since I probably will have some time to read the forums yet before I get the opportunity to log in.

Thank you in advance for your help. And thank you so much for your posts to date (including the beta forums) as the RP community has represented itself as a fun opportunity for my future online entertainment.

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12.14.2011 , 10:57 PM | #2
I used the random namer in the creator... and then alter it as I see fit. As long as youre not naming your character Harryballsack or Childmolestar or something even more tacky, I dont think most RPers are going to throw a tantrum.

And those that do, dont deserve your attention anyway.

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12.14.2011 , 11:24 PM | #3

Well, based on this I would say they have pretty typical "Star-Warsy" names.

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12.15.2011 , 06:31 AM | #4

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03.12.2012 , 03:03 AM | #5
Wookieepedia is also a good source for examples of Zabrak names.

There also is the examples of Zabrak names with meanings from the STAR WARS Role Playing book series made by Wizards of the Coast.

I hope those help you out.

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12.20.2013 , 05:04 AM | #6
Hi all, thanks for the help. =)

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12.20.2013 , 06:16 PM | #7
I can see your conundrum.

But understand that as long as the name sounds like someone you'd meet IRL, most people tend to not throw much of a fit about it. "Internet names" that reference concepts people would only find "funny" in a fictional setting of course are a no go.

It's is actually a very common practice in which people's names translate to a meaning in their own language. This is referred to as etymology or "meaning behind the name". An example is my Chiss Csllia'nahe'artic. Her name is developed from the Cheunh language of "Csllia Nahe'ar" which is "Csllian Snowflake".

Then I just tacked on the remainder to give her the clan name of "Artic".

So you have Csllia'nahe'artic or "Csllian Snowflake of the Arctic".

When a child is born, it's a very emotional affair and most people in their emotional state, tent to name their children with a nobler meaning in mind... provided they haven't picked one beforehand.

I would say that what you have outlined in your OP is perfectly fine. The name sounds like someone I'd meet. The meaning behind it sounds as if the parents perceived her as to have graceful movement to which has not yet been seen.

And of course as is the case with difficult to pronounce/extremely long names, nicknames tend to come about.

With this level of thought out detail, you're greenlighted here.