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Welcome to the Galactic Starfighter Forum!
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12.09.2014 , 02:06 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphixCraver View Post
hey guys how do i get new ships for gsf?
3 ways:
1) In your hangar (default: H), there is a list of all ships, you just click the small purple icon to buy it. You have to have enough Fleet Requisition for it, though.
2) Cartel Market, Starfighter section
3) Galactic Trade Network
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12.21.2014 , 02:16 PM | #32
Howdy all WytherBlaze here

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04.25.2015 , 03:45 PM | #33
BTW Would be nice to post time also in UTC... Especially with daylight time that is additionally confusing. Not everyone is from US/Canada, you know :P

Assuming it is 3-6pm Pacific *Standard* Time it will be 11pm-2am UTC

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05.10.2015 , 08:17 AM | #34
I was wondering, haven't been there once talks about adding another spaceship type to the game? Or is there nothing coming in the future anymore for GSF?
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05.10.2015 , 02:05 PM | #35
A fifth ship type was planned but cancelled.

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05.14.2015 , 05:08 PM | #36
Technically it's been pushed back, but we visibly have no active GSF development right now. The stuff that was "up next" might still be "next", but we have no ETA, nor signs of development in the slightest. The last changes made were to revert a large number of game breaking bugs introduced in 3.0.

The fifth class is the inflitrator, a set of ships with limited stealth abilities. Development was never completed, so we don't know exactly what the intention was on their stealth drives. There were three of them, and of the six models (two models for each type, one empire, one republic), they almost seemed like placeholders. Likely the amount of balance and model work outstripped their remaining time, so it was shelved for now.

The next map was widely predicted to be Denon TDM, because there were some hints of that, but that is also not being developed at the moment.

Hopefully this will change soon.
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02.14.2016 , 06:05 AM | #37
I think I can speak for most players when I say deathmatch is the best mode and I want denon

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04.06.2016 , 07:08 PM | #38
Deathmatch = Gunship love fest

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01.27.2017 , 10:10 AM | #39
I would like to submit or resubmit an idea that might or might not have been brought up before. GSF is thought of in game usually in one of two ways....players either love it but want more, or they absolutely despise it due to learning/gearing curve compared to those people who have been playing it since it came out. So, we have the lovers and the haters.

First the easy ones, those who like GSF. Desire more content for it, new ships, new maps....perhaps even an operation based level of play where group load out would include all classes of fighters and bombers and gunships. Just an early suggestion.

Secondly the harder issue.. New players or even old timers who never tried or were late to the party so to speak in terms of playing GSF find it hard to compete due to gear differential. In simplistic one likes to play the role of Indian when playing Cowboys and Indians (Lord help me I know its politically incorrect and I don't give a rats a%$) but seriously, no one wants to play the role of looser over and over and over and over. New players come into a GSF match and they get slaughtered over and over again. My own wife hates GSF, she understands she will die in ground PvP, it happens no matter how good you are, you will most likely get taken out, but to her GSF feels like all she does is "put mileage on the ship" and then gets blown out of space without even a clue. This is usually most peoples complaints against GSF, new gsf players die without learning practically anything except GSF is miserable. Its hard to grow a community of players if the learning/gearing curve is so steep its practically insurmountable and not fun to play.

I am not suggesting dumbing things down for everyone but to create an environment where new players can learn to fly and earn requisition to better equip their ships so that they might last a little longer in a match instead of just heading out of the hanger like lambs to slaughter.

GSF needs, NEEDS a PvE environment for this purpose, and not, sorry BW, that Lame early space junk where you are lead by your nose around a targeting area shooting at points on a screen with no control at all except when to fire. Fly by rails is horrible and dull! But if we had an area and maps and content based in story we might capture a lot of new players and get them into the cockpits and into the matches.

Gsf que times are improving but are NO where near as quick as 'ground" PvP, and while I am standing around waiting for my next GSF match, my exp boost or worse CXP boost is wearing out waiting for enough people to que up. We are NOT getting our monies worth in that situation and we need to bring in new people, and to that end we need to look at whats keeping new players out of GSF and I feel its the gearing/learning curve.

In closing, think about the possibilities that could be opened up with this, a larger player base actually playing GSF, gearing up in a PvE area where you might actually stand a chance learning what your ship can do and the ability to upgrade it to the point you can survive against a real thinking creative player in PvP. I can imagine an Operation or Flashpoint based in part or wholly utilizing Ships, either taking down or taking over a capital ship. Where you would need to have Gunships providing long range support, Scouts zipping in to confuse and disorient defenses, Stk Fighters to take down hardened points with their ordinance and Bombers activating healing drones for resupply and damage repair as well as enabling Hyper beacon early responsiveness. You could even have a portion of the Op be inside said Capital ship where you send part or all your teams to its hanger and land inside the ship to sabotage it or take it over....that sounds exciting quite frankly. I implore people to give this idea a look see, and beg the dev team to consider this in earnest.

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01.31.2017 , 11:09 AM | #40
Quote: Originally Posted by Samwyse View Post
I am not suggesting dumbing things down for everyone but to create an environment where new players can learn to fly and earn requisition to better equip their ships so that they might last a little longer in a match instead of just heading out of the hanger like lambs to slaughter.

GSF needs, NEEDS a PvE environment for this purpose
GSF PvE would be great. I have anecdotally heard that the SWTOR dev team is very small at this point. Even assuming they reused the same assets that are in GSF and created no new content for it, programming the AI for enemy ships seems likely beyond them. Considering that it would have made sense to include AI ships in the existing GSF tutorial and instead they included immobile turret drones, there may be some engine issue that makes it hard for them to program AI that can navigate a 3D environment, acquire targets, etc.

The less costly (in terms of assets / AI) solution that would meet your goals is if somehow they were able to allocate dev time to set up a custom match lobby like games on the internet have had since the internet became a thing. If, for example, you could create a private match where you picked the map, the participants, and the victory conditions, and then could go in and practice as much as you liked, it would fulfill the need for a place outside the general queue where people could get acclimated to the game... or receive tutoring from those who already know it well.

- Despon