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No death, only Wrath: The Helicarrier Chronicles

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No death, only Wrath: The Helicarrier Chronicles

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11.04.2012 , 08:41 PM | #151
CHRONICLES PRESENT, 53: In which a faster search method is decided upon

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

Nalenne was curled up with a comic book in an armchair that had been brought into the conference room. Insanity Company's officers could sit around the big table; Nalenne, as the ranking person on the ship, could observe and comment, but she let Quinn do the boring things like actually run the meetings.

Jaesa sat on a couch beside Nalenne, reading the latest Mynock bootleg on a datapad. She claimed she wanted to be there to observe and learn, since she was after all Nalenne's apprentice. Everyone knew that Jaesa was actually there in a forlorn attempt to influence Nalenne to practice moderation or something like it. The officers, being accustomed to the oddities of Sith, didn't even try to talk Jaesa out of that idiocy.

Quinn paced before the Sith and officers. "Our predictions on the Jedi's movements have yielded nothing. The pattern is changing. The only question for us is how to pick up his trail again. While I trust your capabilities, I am reluctant to split our operations just now; therefore we must get a location with some degree of confidence."

"We could ask him," said Jaesa.

Nalenne looked up and blinked. "What?"

"We could ask Master Rho. If he's being manipulated by Lord Scourge, he deserves to know about it. He may even help us stop him."

"But we would kill him the minute Lord Scourge is gone," said Nalenne. "I don't think he would like that part."

Quinn looked intrigued. "My lord, consider it as a Jedi would. He would agree to such a plan in the hopes of defeating our common enemy and would furthermore lack the foresight to lay preparations to strike when the reason for the alliance is resolved. We could take advantage of his trust."

"Or we could genuinely work with him," Jaesa said stubbornly, "for the greater good."

"Jaesa," said Quinn. "Master Rho's idea of the greater good is destroying the Empire. We must use him to stop Scourge and then immediately stop Rho himself. That is fundamentally incompatible with a good-faith alliance."

"I order you not to tell Rho that," Nalenne warned Jaesa. "He would take it hard."

Jaesa struggled to force her baby face into a judgmental scowl. "And we wouldn't want to upset him, would we, master."

"Oh, I want to upset him," said Nalenne. "I'm just not going to do it 'til we have what we want from him."

"…I love you," said Quinn. Nalenne looked at him and beamed.

"My lord?" said Captain Rutau. "We can't find this Jedi. How are we going to find out how to call him?"

"I always figured he was in the holo database under 'Bleeding Hearts' or something," said Nalenne. "Or we could just torture Jedi until we find one who knows."

"That's not necessary," blurted Jaesa. "I…I have Kira's holofrequency."

Nalenne rounded on her. "Jaesa! I told you if you spoke to her again I would have your brains for soup!"

Jaesa scrunched up her nose. "If you eat my brains I can't give you Kira's frequency."

"Ugh," said Nalenne. "Don't be like that. Come on. We'll call Kira and warn her, all right? Then we hunt down Lord Scourge and you go let loose on him like I've been teaching you."

Ensign Rylon looked up from the vibroknife he had been fiddling with. "There'll still be some action for the rest of us, right, my lord?"

"Master Rho is mine to face," said Nalenne, "though you're all welcome to shoot him in the back while I have his attention. And all his friends are open season."

"Except for the doctor," added Quinn. "He is mine, so steer clear. Ensign, my target was on Balmorra for a time; you'll know him when you see him."

"No, I won't, sir." Rylon shrugged apologetically. "Memory wiped."

"Well. Um." Nalenne tried to think of a more helpful identifier. "If you see anything more self-satisfied than Lord Scourge, let Quinn handle it."
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11.04.2012 , 09:43 PM | #152
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
"Oh, I want to upset him," said Nalenne. "I'm just not going to do it 'til we have what we want from him."

"…I love you," said Quinn. Nalenne looked at him and beamed.
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA! Classic Nalenne and Nalenne!Quinn.

Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
"Ugh," said Nalenne. "Don't be like that. Come on. We'll Kira and warn her, all right? Then we hunt down Lord Scourge and you go let loose on him like I've been teaching you."
I think you a word there.
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11.04.2012 , 09:59 PM | #153
Quote: Originally Posted by Adwynyth View Post
I think you a word there.
<.< ...I have no idea what you're talking about... >.>

Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
We'll call Kira and warn her, all right?
We have always been at war with Eastasia.
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11.06.2012 , 11:32 AM | #154
Does Quinn really love her or her diabolical plan?
Probably the plan.
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11.06.2012 , 11:33 AM | #155
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
We have always been at war with Eastasia.
I platonically love you for that reference... I'm also loving the shenanigans. Insanity Company is clearly a euphemism for Awesomeness Company. And I always enjoy seeing Quinn doing awesome things.
There's always lightning.

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11.15.2012 , 08:13 PM | #156
CHRONICLES PRESENT, 54: In which Kira wants to believe

Time period: during Master Rho's campaign

"I can't do this," said Jaesa.

"Sure you can," said Nalenne. "You're a capable young woman who has learned and accomplished incredible things since you became my apprentice. You've grown. You've developed. You've gotten infinitely more powerful. You can certainly deal with telling a straight-faced lie to a valued friend who trusts you." Nalenne clapped Jaesa's shoulder. "Besides, I'll dump you on Hoth without a coat if you screw this up."

Lieutenant Ritter twitched.

Jaesa swallowed and tapped the holo to call Kira Carsen.

The Jedi's image appeared and smiled cheerfully at Jaesa. "Hey! Is the witch out?"

Nalenne arched a brow ridge at Jaesa. Jaesa blushed and tried to maintain her composure. "Yes, she's off trampling things with Insanity Company. The professional call-screener letting you through?"

"Yeah, Scourge is out doing something with Master Rho. I've gotta say, operations have streamlined since Scourge took over screening holocalls, but he's kind of…overeager sometimes."

"There's a reason for that, actually."

"If you know something about Lord Scourge I don't, I will be seriously surprised. The man cannot shut up about himself."

"Well, he's probably been lying through his teeth. Did you know he wasn't de-emotion-ified as part of his immortality thing, he was burned out afterward because he wouldn't stop messing around on the job?"

"He never put it that way. Color me intrigued."

"The Emperor cut off his feelings because he kept using his persuasive powers for, um, recreation. So now he just goes around trying to get personal revenge by using any Jedi he can get to listen."

"But the Emperor's supposed to be devouring the galaxy."

"Yeah, Lord Scourge completely made that up."

"How do you know all this?"

Jaesa took a deep breath. "HR," she said nervously.

"HR? The Emperor's HR?"

"Basically, yes."

"And the Emperor's human resources department had a good reason to come to you with convenient secret truths about the guy who's coming after them."

"It just came up during a briefing with the Wrath. I know these guys. They wouldn't support an evil plan to sacrifice their own lives if their lives depended…on…that didn't come out right. Anyway, I think they're telling the truth, and I think Lord Scourge needs to be stopped."

"I'm pretty sure we want to take down the Emperor anyway. Stars know you spend enough time talking about how horrible everything he does is."

Nalenne arched both brow ridges. Jaesa, sweating, ignored her. "That isn't the point. Do we really want to hand Scourge something he wants?" she asked Kira.

Kira considered. "Well, no. Not really."

"We need Master Rho. I want to work with you. My master, too, if we need her for the fight. Lord Scourge needs to be stopped."

Kira hesitated. "I'm sorry, Jaesa, but I have to ask. Is this some kind of attempt to use Master Rho's trust to deal with our common enemy, only to turn on us the second Lord Scourge is dealt with?"

Nalenne watched Jaesa very intently.

"Of course not," Jaesa said stoutly. "The Wrath wants him stopped as much as any of us, but I can get her to leave you alone once the huge obnoxious threat is out of the way." She swallowed hard. "You do believe me, right?" she said in a very small voice.

"Oh, yeah, I believe what you're claiming about him. The song and dance routine for personal gain does sound exactly like something he would do. I can talk to Master Rho, but he…you know. He won't really listen to me over him. About anything."

"Really? Still? I'm sorry."

"No kidding. He's always off with Scourge alone, listening to him first, and then coming back to talk about how wise and brave and strong he is. Scourge just keeps trying to turn him against the rest of us. He screens Rho's calls, he's jealous, he's petty, he's…and I've known Rho so much longer! I've been there for him! I have no idea what he sees in that stupid Sith. What does Scourge have that I don't?"

Jaesa blushed. "I really couldn't say. I think you're much more attractive than he is."

"At least someone around here has some sense. Look, I'll talk to Master Rho, but I'm not sure he's going to listen."

"We'll do whatever we can. Can I meet with you someplace? To strategize."

"How about the next secluded corner Scourge tries to get Rho into for 'artifact hunting'? I'm sure he'll give the rest of the crew plenty of time to hang around talking while he goes out and…rrrgh. I don't even want to think about it." Kira crossed her arms and scowled. "I'll forward you the venue when I have it."

"I appreciate it, Kira. Hang in there. We'll rescue Master Rho and we'll take care of Scourge once and for all."

"And dammit, when we do, I'll be there for him. Rho, I mean. One of these days he's gotta wake up."

Jaesa cut the holo before Nalenne's snickering got out of control.

"What was that, master?" demanded Jaesa.

Nalenne made another attempt to suppress her snickering, failed, and let the laughter run its course. "Rho," she gasped. "I can't help it. All this time he wasn't asexual, just gay and with Lord Scourge.”

"You would've gotten with Lord Scourge too, if you could have," accused Jaesa. "Don't think I've forgotten."

"Entirely beside the point. I can still make fun of the Jedi."

"Also he isn't gay," said Jaesa.

"Ahem," said Pierce. "Jaesa, you wouldn't know gay if it wore Jedi robes and read Mynock comics all day."

"I would too," huffed Jaesa.

Nalenne smiled sweetly. "Don't mind him. My room tonight to check out the bootleg omnibus that actually included the last few Mynock issues? My room's got the best screen on the ship, plus you have got to check out the bed I bought for the new place. I think you'll love it."

Jaesa smiled, smoothing her Jedi robes. "You're on, master."
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11.15.2012 , 08:17 PM | #157
CHRONICLES PRESENT, 55: In which the Emperor's Hand checks in

Time period: during Master Rho's campaign

"Wrath," quavered Servant Two.

"You might have updated us with the Method's holonumber," grumbled Servant One.

"It's not like we were going to try anything," said Servant Two.

"…stars, I hope not," said Servant One.

"We've been chasing your Jedi," said Nalenne. "Any updates for us?"

"The general is all right?" inquired Servant Two.

"The general's right here." Nalenne leaned over and tugged Quinn into view. "Safe and sound."

Servant Two smiled widely, then coughed and pretended to be eerily solemn.

"Seriously," said Nalenne. "Any updates? Or were you just calling to complain that your boyfriend hasn't been in touch?"

"What?" said Quinn.

"Nothing, darling," said Nalenne. "Servant Two definitely isn't a creep."

"Have you made any progress on the matter of Master Rho?" Servant One said loudly.

"We believe we have a lead on finding him," reported Nalenne. "My apprentice is learning to be underhanded and evil like us!"

Jaesa, in the reading nook, curled up tighter and looked miserable.

"We're waiting on a call from one of his own, and then we move," said Nalenne.

"A call from them? Are you sure they aren't just going to take advantage of your trust to lure you in close, only to turn on you the second your mutual enemy is dealt with?"

Jaesa curled up even tighter and whimpered.

"I don't think Kira's that creative," said Nalenne. "We'll be fine."

"The Wrath had better be sure," grumbled Servant Two.

"We'll be fine," repeated Nalenne, "and I won't let anything happen to General Quinn."

Quinn looked sidelong at her. "You're placing a peculiar emphasis on this, my lord."

"Only because I love you," said Nalenne. "Now beat it, you two. I'm waiting for a far more important call."

"The general can call us if anything is required," said Servant Two.

Quinn took Nalenne's hand. "I have what I need, my lord."

"The general can call us if anything reliable, respectable, or remotely worth a damn is required," said Servant Two.

"Get gone," said Nalenne.
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11.15.2012 , 11:21 PM | #158
That's all that I can say.

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11.16.2012 , 03:03 AM | #159
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
"the general can call us if anything is required," said servant two.

Quinn took nalenne's hand. "i have what i need, my lord."

"the general can call us if anything reliable, respectable, or remotely worth a damn is required," said servant two.

"get gone," said nalenne.

EDIT: Screw it. This idiotic uncapitalizer is just too stupid to be reasoned with.
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11.16.2012 , 07:03 AM | #160
I wanted some sap. Some sappy sappy sap. So Nalenne gets sap.

CHRONICLES PRESENT, 56: In which Love, Legends, and History are discussed

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

Captain Rutau finished eating a little before the others. He looked thoughtfully at Nalenne. "My lord," he said, "can I ask you something?"

"I'm not giving you the good stims," said Nalenne. "Your leg always gets trashed before the regular-duration stuff can run out, there's no point in the expense of the slow-release."

"It, it wasn't that. I was actually wondering about something I heard about you and General Quinn."

Nalenne froze, staring.

Quinn froze, staring.

Pandorr, Ritter, Rylon, and Hareth held very still while they watched.

"You can go on," Jaesa prompted gently.

"Traitor," said Nalenne.

Rutau only seemed a little nervous. "Is it really true that you ran the Voss blockade when General Quinn was dead just to try to find a way to bring him back?" [~] (*)

"Yes," said Nalenne. "Don't look at us like that. It was nothing once I found the best operative alive, bribed her and the only friendly contact the entirety of Imperial Intelligence could find, paid for the research into maneuverability upgrades for the most advanced prototype stealth ship in the galaxy, and leaned on their pilot until she finally got more scared of me than of the suicide run I was telling her to make."

"You never told me you paid for those upgrades yourself," Quinn said quietly.

"She needed something better in order to get us what we wanted. So I saw to it somebody invented something better."

"Amazing!" Captain Pandorr piped up. "That blockade has taken out fleets! And did you really win an argument with one of the clerks at the Imperial Archives?" (*)

"Of course I did. Lightsabers win most arguments."

"You hear stories, my lord. Those clerks are scary."

"She was standing between me and what I wanted. Scary wasn't enough to save her."

"All to get what you needed to bring him back," said Lieutenant Hareth.

"Well, yes. I wouldn't have any other reason to visit that miserable dullness-fest."

Hareth's eyes fairly glowed. "And did you truly bathe in the hallowed blood of a demon for the knowledge necessary to proceed?" (*)

"That wasn't necessarily a death ritual, Lieutenant," snapped Quinn, "so don't get any ideas. Besides, the knowledge she was seeking at the time was how to wipe me out of existence."

Jaesa leaned forward. "But the knowledge you got was that she still cared."

"It seems more of the legends are true than we thought," Pandorr said with a small smile.

"My relationship with the Wrath isn't legend-worthy, Captain," Quinn said sternly.

"But it is," said Rutau. "I never would've believed everything we heard until I saw you two together myself."

"Did you also hear the part where she stabbed me repeatedly, choked me to death, and jettisoned my body out the nearest airlock?" (*)

"You started it," muttered Nalenne.

"She tried to make up for it after," insisted Pandorr.

Rutau nodded. "She gave up everything just for the chance of saving you. When her sister found something that might help you return to life, but the Hero of Tython captured her? The Wrath surrendered and gave herself up as a prisoner – to the Jedi! – as a trade rather than let him get away with her and what she knew." (*)

Nalenne and Quinn exchanged uncomfortable looks.

"Where did you hear that?" Nalenne said quietly.

"Your sister published an editorial on how stupid your behavior was in a few major newsholos shortly after it happened."

"Most romantic story I ever read," said Rutau.

"Oh, stars," groaned Nalenne.

Jaesa very nearly simpered. "You officers never even heard about what Quinn gave up for her when the Emperor's Hand tried to bribe him to betray her." (*)

"Please stop that," said Quinn.

"We try not to talk about it," said Nalenne.

"Honestly," continued Quinn, "the Wrath's attempted sacrifice on the Jedi's transport was the worst-conceived idea I have ever seen in my life. It was un-Sith, un-Imperial, unbecoming, and doomed to fail."

"I said I was sorry," said Nalenne. She smiled, a little tremulously, when she said "At least you came to fix it."

"Cleaning up after you has become my life's work," Quinn said affectionately. "Still. The matter of your surrender to Rho was an outright embarrassment. The risk-reward analysis could never have come up in favor of the course of action you chose; you didn't even know if Niselle's knowledge, which you surrendered to preserve, would work."

"Look who's talking. You knew for sure that the Emperor's Hand would restore you to a body if you would just sell me out and you still turned them down in favor of – what could I offer you then? Nothing. If you had put yourself first for two seconds like any sane Imperial…"

"Any sane Imperial would put themselves first for a lot longer than two seconds, my lord. It's just that you have a catastrophically unbalancing effect on me."

Pandorr cocked his head and looked at the others. "I'm going to count that one as true love. Agreed?"

"Stop that," muttered Quinn.

"Agreed," chorused Rutau, Ritter, Rylon, and Hareth, nodding at Pandorr.

"If that's the case, I can say that true love is a strategic and tactical disaster," grumbled Quinn.

"I think it's sweet," said Hareth. "I had a good thing going as Imperial arrangements go – you know, before the Hero of Tython murdered the man in question – but even so my love Executor Krannus would've tortured me to death in a heartbeat if he thought it would be to his advantage."

"The Wrath practically did torture me to death," said Quinn.

"I could've drawn that out a lot more," said Nalenne. "And it wasn't for my advantage so much as flat-out revenge. I can still love you."

"You stayed through death for her," Pandorr said earnestly. "Honestly, I don't see how much more romantic it gets."

"I didn't get a choice in the matter," groused Quinn. "You'll forgive me if I don't see the charm."

"You're holding hands," Rutau said matter-of-factly.

Nalenne and Quinn looked guilty. Nevertheless, they didn't unlink their hands.

"I know you think what you have is stupid, master," said Jaesa. "But it's something rare. And wonderful."

"Jaesa," said Nalenne. "Did you start the non-Nis rumors to begin with? As some kind of twisted campaign to make us look like we have some Jedi's idea of redeeming qualities?"

Jaesa looked guilty, too.

"I should've stabbed you instead of Quinn," said Nalenne.

"You wouldn't, my lord," said Rutau. "Everyone's heard about all the times you've put yourself in harm's way to protect her."

"Even when it pits you against other Sith," said Pandorr, "for entirely Light Side causes. It's the greatest very nearly romance I've ever – "

"Stop that," snapped Nalenne. "Jaesa, you haven't been spreading ideas about that too, have you?"

"No, master. I promise."

"'Very nearly romance' suggests Vette, my lord," Quinn said grimly.

Nalenne rolled her eyes. "Ugh. She would. Fine. I'll stab her for rumormongering."

"Everyone knows you're never going to elevate her through the cleansing passage of death," said Hareth.


Quinn didn't look at her. "I may have made it clear, in some circles, just how irrationally attached you are to that Twi'lek."

"What the hell is wrong with you!?"

"We only tell the truth, my lord. Except for Vette, most likely."

"I could just stop doing nice things for you people."

He lifted her hand and kissed it lightly. "No, you couldn't."
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