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Maintenance: October 24th, 2017

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Maintenance: October 24th, 2017
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

DSancee's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 11:50 AM | #121
Login servers are down? Enter pass/sec.code, and got blue spinner... After ~10 mins, initializing. What are you doing, guys?

DieAlteHexe's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 11:52 AM | #122
Quote: Originally Posted by DSancee View Post
Login servers are down? Enter pass/sec.code, and got blue spinner... After ~10 mins, initializing. What are you doing, guys?
Same problem here. Ah well...there's always tomorrow.

-- It's the journey, not the destination. --

Variolias's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 11:52 AM | #123
I have a bad feeling about this...

DieAlteHexe's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 11:55 AM | #124
Quote: Originally Posted by Variolias View Post
I have a bad feeling about this...
I rarely play when the servers are busy so I was wondering if this is something that happens when lots of folk are trying to log in at the same time but it seems to be taking a bit long even for that, plus I'd expect to see a queue.

Holy run-on sentence!

ETA: After 15 minutes staring at the blue spinner of trepidation, I closed client, restarted and lo! The blue spinner of trepidation remains.

Might want to look into this, guys.

-- It's the journey, not the destination. --

Azerdayne's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 12:00 PM | #125
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
During our evaluation of the new servers, we determined we could also combine our North American datacenters. That also occurred today and we have officially moved out of our West Coast location. [B]Our testing showed no impact on the gameplay experience, [/B]but we expect some of you playing on formerly West Coast servers may see higher ping times.

As a west coast resident, I logged in today to find my server lag (ping) tripled from what it has been for the past several years. That is a serious impact on pvp, and a very discouraging development. I live in a large metropolitan area with 256 mbps internet connection, and my lag has been tripled. No impact? Who are you guys kidding? And to throw this news out at the last minute as if it's not a big deal ... I honestly don't why I hold any optimism for this game. It's always one step forward, two steps back. I was excited about the server merge and the upcoming new content. Now I'm wondering why I came back to this game

SebastiaanZ's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 12:02 PM | #126
Quote: Originally Posted by SebastiaanZ View Post
So why havenít you considered moving the move a week early so that the EU players can enjoy their day off? No word on that?

I distinctly remember that you would seriously consider it but sofar no word on it.
I stand corrected, apparently they did choose a different date.

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DarthHammer's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 12:05 PM | #127
Keith did you guys moved servers considerably? I people reporting way different pings vs. what they had yesterday. East Coast players that used to have pings to Harbinger of 100 - 150 now that have 40 - 70, opposite for west coast players where their ping increased drastically.

edit: nvm just saw Keith explanation of the datacenters

Costello's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 12:06 PM | #128
So the hardware and software update was to reduce the footprint (Carbon?) and may result in additional lag for people.

So aside from the footprint is there any upside for the players? Is this inline with any improvements to the game experience, graphics or gameplay?

Talho's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 12:07 PM | #129
Launer need up to 5min to start. After this i get the Message:

Patch-Data can't detected. Please check your internet connection. (208)

Internet connection are very well (100MBit/s).
Location: Germany

Bruahx's Avatar

10.24.2017 , 12:08 PM | #130
Same problem (208) here...